Shanahan Talks Offseason Schedule Plans

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As Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan prepares for his third season in Washington, he will do so under his third different set of offseason rules.

In January 2010, he was brought in to diagnose the problems on the roster and rebuild a perennial contender in Washington.  Although the old collective bargaining agreement expired shortly after his arrival, the two sides had a one-year window for negotiations, under rules that were fairly similar to previous years.  Free agents were signed, trades were executed, and the draft happened.

In January 2011, labor uncertainty loomed on the horizon and a work stoppage seemed unavoidable.  Sure enough, the offseason was turned on its head, forcing teams to draft players before free agency or trades could be executed, and drafted players couldn’t meet with coaches until August.  Once the lockout ended, free agency began, and pieces fell into place very quickly.

Now in 2012, Shanahan finally has a normal offseason to evaluate talent, sign players in free agency, and draft where necessary in April.  With the start of free agency (March 13) and the NFL Draft (April 26-28) set in stone, Shanahan sheds some light on the rest of the Redskins’ offseason schedule with Redskins Nation’s Larry Michael:

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