Celebrating Redskins Aerials On Leap Day

AP Image

Happy soggy Wednesday to Redskins fans in the DMV, and a very happy Leap Day to everyone around the globe that follows the Gregorian Calendar.  For the record, we have respect for all calendars here at Redskins.com.

In honor of the obscure extra day that’s four years in the making, as well as all of the award shows going on this time of year, I thought we’d take a look back at the 2011 season and honor the top Redskins “leaping” plays of the year.  The plays were voted on by yours truly, and preferential treatment was given to those with commemorative Youtube clips.

With that being said, it’s a pretty good batch of plays:

Top Leaping Catch of the Year: Anthony Armstrong vs. Antrel Rolle

In a show of pure athleticism, Armstrong sacrificed the body for one of the most dramatic 15-yard reception I’ve ever seen.  Ultimately, Grossman led Armstrong a little too much.  But if he doesn’t, Armstrong may not make this catch at all.  It’s funny that Giants safety Antrel Rolle had so much to say after the game (via FOX):

Top Leaping Run of the Year: Roy Helu vs. Roy Lewis

There really isn’t much more to say about this play that hasn’t already been written on this blog.  This was one of the top plays of the year for the Redskins, and indeed for the league.  In Helu’s first professional touchdown, he certainly showed an appreciation for dramatic entry (via charliemac64):

Top Celebratory Leap of the Year: Jabar Gaffney vs. First Row Patriots’ Fan

What’s better than catching a late touchdown against your former team?  Sticking your posterior in the faces and laps of your former fans.  Kudos to Gaffney for making the first of several “Landover Leaps” of the season (via CBS):

Top Leaping Defensive Play of the Year: LaRon Landry vs. Laurent Robinson

In Landry’s first game of the season, he played at an All-Pro level, striking fear into the hearts of Cowboys receivers all evening.  This was his first signature hit of the season, and as ESPN analyst Jon Gruden describes it, “he just splatters Laurent Robinson on the sidelines” (via ESPN):

Top Leaping Sack of the Year: Brian Orakpo vs. Kevin Kolb

This is a bit of an add-on, since “launching” at a quarterback is technically illegal.  Orakpo trucked Kolb on this play, with perhaps the smallest, but definitely most-impactful leap of the season.  As the FOX analyst calls it, “watch this spinal-tap knockout shot”  (via FOX):

Be sure to let me know what I got right with this list and where you disagree.

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