NFL Experts Have Redskins Taking Griffin

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[Editor’s Note: Officially, no Redskins official is talking on the record about Robert Griffin III or a potential trade, so any rumors and reports – in any publication – are speculation at this point.]

This just in: Baylor prospect Robert Griffin III is an exciting playmaker at quarterback, and the Redskins could possibly have interest in drafting him.

Last season, Redskins quarterbacks combined for 14th in the NFL in total passing yards and 26th in aerial scoring.  They threw for 3,773 yards, 19 touchdowns and 24 interceptions, and a rating of 73.3 yards.

For an unfair comparison, Griffin threw for 4,293 yards, 37 touchdowns and six interceptions.  He also rushed for another 699 yards and 10 touchdowns, deep in the heart of Texas.

To be clear, this is not groundbreaking stuff.  The Redskins are, and should be interested in any player that can help them upgrade their roster.  A player of Griffin’s caliber is going to attract attention from all corners of the league, and the main question remaining is who will give up the most to acquire his talent?

A majority of experts are now predicting that team is the Washington Redskins:

Of the five panelists asked for a recent story on, three predicted that the Redskins would win the RG3 Sweepstakes, with the other two calling for Cleveland.  Here’s what the Redskins-camp had to say:

Steve Wyche:


Charley Casserly:


Jason La Canfora:


Of course, Leap Day speculation on a decision that will be made in two months is nothing if not premature, but this is the type of speculation that rules the offseason.  As La Canfora points out, much will be decided by free agency, which is set to begin in two weeks.

Between then and now, the quarterback landscape could look much different, with some of the have-nots moving to the haves, and vice versa.  But regardless of which teams are in play on April 26th, the road to Griffin likely runs through St. Louis, sitting at No. 2 on the draft board.

Presumably set at quarterback with former first-overall pick Sam Bradford, the Rams are in a position to sell high on whichever team wants Griffin.  In his latest mock draft for, La Canfora has the Redskins executing a draft-day trade to be that team:


He describes Griffin as “a bold, brash leader,” and someone that can excite the fanbase.

Another name that might be worth keeping an eye on, is the name selected at No. 6 on this board.  Former Aggie Ryan Tannehill has been a fast-riser this offseason, and could work his way from a first or second-rounder, into a Top-10 pick.

After all, there is still two months of prospect poking, prodding and speculation to go.

0 thoughts on “NFL Experts Have Redskins Taking Griffin

  1. I wonder what the experts were saying when the Giants gave up a boat load to acquire Manning from the Chargers?

    I mean, they gave up a lot and got two Super Bowls in return. I’m just saying.


  2. I do not agree. The redksins need someone who has played at NFL level already with strong stats. Matt Flynn hould be who the redskins take as QB


    • @David–

      Matt Flynn is equivalent to this year’s Matt Schaub or Kevin Kolb–sexy in a small sample size, but ultimately unknown. Is it worth a gamble? if he turns out like Schaub, yes. But don’t be fooled by how good his numbers looked in the Green Bay offense. Washington doesn’t have that kind of protection or weapons–at least not yet.


  3. I think we should take a gamble and pursue a player such as RGIII, we may not win a superbowl in his first year, but I think we would be a whole lot closer than we have been in the past. Take RG III and run, and maybe pick up a good young WR in the 2nd round. We do not have the weapons that Green Bay have, but I think with a good rushing QB like RG, that helps alot.


  4. “Washington Redskins Quarterback Rex Grossman has been sacked 34 times in two years. John Beck played four games and was sacked 16 times. Jason Campbell was sacked 43 times in 2009. Donovan McNabb? 37 times.” This is all you need to know about the ‘Skins O-line to feel sorry for whoever the ‘Skins offer up next.


  5. I’m flip flopping daily. It’s all a gamble..Manning, RG3, Flynn. I don’t like the idea of morgaging the house for one player. But we’ve got to do something. Grossman was a joke! I’ve got a headache! I just hope it’s a good outcome for us. Hail!



  6. Either way we give up picks next year for Barkley or picks this year (and possible next year) for RG3. With the kind of speed RG3 has we don’t really need an O-line haha


  7. Most intelligent part of this article is the first sentence, the disclaimer….none of the experts are actually a part of the Redskins front office. ……and to all those Flynn doubters:

    1) he has NFL game experience(none of the draft choices have that)
    2) you can mention it’s the offense around him all that you want, but I never hear any of that talk when the subject is Aaron Rodgers.


    • @monkeyhouse–

      Harsh. I’d like to think it was a coherent post, but I’ve been wrong before.

      Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at it this way. Flynn is a totally unproven commodity. He’s never played more than one game in a row, and he has only one legitimate start in recent memory. Was it fantastic? Yes. But there aren’t many offenses in the NFL that currently feature the kind of protection and receivers that he had at his disposal in Green Bay. That’s hardly a reliable sample to bank your franchise on. It’s not a matter of Aaron Rodgers, it’s a matter of the fact that Flynn has to play well outside of Green Bay, or it doesn’t matter.

      Any rookie quarterback has an opportunity to pull a Joe Flacco and lead his team to four straight playoff appearances. But he also might be the next Tim Couch. It’s really difficult to say, and there are no guarantees. The most you can hope for is to do your homework and roll the dice.

      With that being said, I stand by my intelligent disclaimer. It’s all speculation, and your opinion is just as valid as mine.


  8. BRIAN:

    ‘………there aren’t many offenses in the NFL that currently feature the kind of protection and receivers that he [FLYNN] had at his disposal in Green Bay…….”

    Rather intentionally or not, your response above made my case for getting the offensive pieces necessary to make MATT BARKLEY successful in 2013.


    • @007–

      I agree with you in theory, but that’s assuming that Barkley is the real deal and that the Redskins are in a position to make a play for him in 2013. I don’t think any franchise is willing to wait that long, and I know that Shanahan is far too competitive to toss a season to ensure it. This team needs to figure out how to be competitive in 2012, and I think they’re in the right position to do it.


  9. @Bruce. Look what you just typed. Rex has been sacked 34 times in two years. Thats average of 17 times a year so the Oline is getting better compared to the Campbell Mcnabb days. They will make some moves on the line in FA/draft so the line is coming along but for sure not elite yet.


  10. BRIAN:

    You’re seeing a lot better current supporting cast than I am.

    In FA, I think we need a top WR, one O-lineman [NICKS would be nice], and a new K, NT, SS, and CB.

    If we complement FA with a trade down for another 2nd pick, we could snag a TANNEHILL later in the first, a top RB in the second, a R-OT in the second, back-up DE late, and back-up FS in the third.

    Of course that means we tag DAVIS, and sign CARRIKER, FLETCHER and FOX.


  11. @007 – You have your point but I have a problem with that answer. One, you don’t know that Ryan Tannenhill will still be available later.

    You are saying that our trio of running backs are all garbage if you want to draft another RB.

    We have a lot of backup defense on our team already and on the practice squad. etc… you’re plan, I think, is far more of a reach than the skins taking a chance on RG3.


  12. I really kind of hope RG3 doesn’t end up in Washington. Who’s he going to throw to there? He’ll be so beat up after one year from tucking it away and running for his life that it could ruin his career.


  13. What we need to do is first stop thinking of Tannehill as an option for us. He only played QB for 16 games in college and before that he was a WR for the Aggies. Next, get London signed. Then do what it takes to get RGIII and add receivers through free agency. A lot of big names out there. Next get some of those OL from free agency too. Finally, whatever draft picks we have left pickup defensive and special team players. This will make up true competitors for the NFC East.


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