Alexander Using Teammate’s Joke For Abs

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Lorenzo Alexander is special breed of athlete.  Not only has he proven that he is capable of playing football at its highest level, but he has also embraced position and responsibility adjustments in each of his seven years in the NFL.

As a senior in college, he was a 300-pound defensive tackle.  Through hard work and sheer determination, he’s transitioned to a 265-pound linebacker, and has used innovative workout regimens like Pilates to ensure his longevity and success.

So it came as no surprise to me, that when I asked him what his New Year’s resolution would be in mid-December, he immediately responded that he would get six-pack abs.

As a man who had been the biggest kid in school his whole life, this was probably the first time in a long time (if ever) that he was toned enough to have defined abs.  But with the help of his personal Pilates studio, I was a believer.

Count Alexander’s teammate, Adam Carriker, as a joking non-believer.

After talking to Alexander in his corner of the locker room, I walked halfway down the row to Carriker’s cubby, and asked him his thoughts on a resolution.  Here’s the audio of his response, with a reaction from Alexander in the background:

In Carriker’s defense, I set him up with Alexander’s response.  In my defense, Carriker should speak softly when making a joke at the expense of a teammate.

Alexander took it all with a smile, but has kept it an ongoing joke with Carriker into the offseason.  Last week, he reached out to Carriker (@BigPoppaPump94) via Twitter (@onemangang97) to let him know how his resolution was going:

Alexander: “Just wanted to let you know your laughter has motivated me to get a 6 pack…lol”

Carriker: “If u need motivation I can send u a pic of my 6 pack. It’s in the fridge, keeping cold.”

Will Alexander be rocking the six-pack when he comes to OTA’s and minicamps?  Time will tell, but I wouldn’t rule anything out. He already looks quite svelte in a photo taken with resident Redskins cartoonist Ben Ceccarelli out in Los Angeles:

via @Piketoon

Fair-warning to all non-believers: if Lorenzo listened every time someone laughed, he never would have made it in the league seven years ago.  Good luck Lorenzo, and we’ll be looking forward to that six-pack in April.

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