The Fish Story Behind Samuels’s Wedding

via @BallHogsRadio

Thanks to our friends over at @BallHogsRadio, we have photographic evidence of the beautiful weekend wedding between Redskins great Chris Samuels and his fiancee Monique over the weekend in DC.

Samuels is one of the classiest guys to ever suit up in the Burgundy and Gold, and we congratulate him for marrying his best friend and soulmate.

One of the best finds of the wedding festivities was the engagement video, and story about how the couple fell in love.  Throw out any skeptical notions of shallow, superficial attraction between these two.

Their love was kindled over an afternoon of fish bait and hooks in Virginia Beach (courtesy of Thomas Bowen Films):


“We really started getting serious when she said she could fish, because I always used to come back and tell her all these stories of all the fish I caught down at Virginia Beach, at a house that I had.”


So he would always go fishing, and I would tell him, ‘Alright, well next time you go, you gotta call and tell me.’  And he was always like, ‘Yeah, whatever.’  Y’know, he didn’t think I could fish.


I’m like, ‘Yeah, whatever,’ in my head.  This girl can’t fish.  Most girls just talk about it but they can’t really fish, they don’t bait their own hook, they don’t know how to tie the lines up.

So one day I gave her a shot and we went down to Virginia Beach and had a ball together.  She actually out-fished me.


I wore him out, I caught way more fish than him.  I ended up getting a citation for catching the biggest Spot.  And he was just shocked.  He was like, ‘I can’t believe you bait your own hook and get your fish off too.’  He was like, ‘Wow, you really can fish.’

So from there, that’s what made him fall in love with me: the fact that I could bait my own hook.

And really, what more could a guy like Samuels ask for?  Congratulations to the happy couple, and may they spend many pleasant days out on the water together.

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