Free Agent Receivers: Who Knows Who?

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[Editor’s Note: The information in this post is not associated with the thinking or decision-making of team executives.  The information pertains to player relationships, and is not indicative of team interest.]

In 2011, the Redskins averaged 336.7 passing yards per game, good for 16th in the NFL.  Of the 12 playoff teams this past season, half of them were in the Top-10, suggesting that playoff-hopeful teams need top-aerial attacks.

Obviously, a key component to that is finding or developing a top receiving threat.  No Redskins receivers amassed 1,000 yards last year, and the team’s top two wide receivers (Santana Moss and Jabar Gaffney) are both north of 30.

But there is reason to believe that the Redskins can improve in 2012.  If the Redskins choose to look to free agency, they have a couple potential free agents that have a personal connection to current Redskins players.

Vincent Jackson, San Diego Chargers: Jackson is a gifted athlete, a rare combination of size (6-5, 230 pounds) and speed (4.46 40-time in the 2005 Combine).  He has been a major factor in the Charger’s offensive success in recent years, and will upgrade the offense by drawing constant double and triple-teams.

His connection: “VJax” was poorly recruited out of high school, and rewarded Northern Colorado for their due diligence.  And during his time in Greeley, Colo., he was college roommates and good friends with current Redskins safety Reed Doughty, who was excited to see Jackson not get franchise tagged:

Marques Colston, New Orleans Saints: Colston is another absurd athlete from an obscure school, bundling a big body (6-4, 225 pounds) with great wheels (4.50 40-time in the 2005 Combine).  Five of his six seasons have ended in 1,000-yard campaigns, and he is one of Brees’s favorite targets in the Bayou.

His connection: Colston is one of the few remaining alums from the deceased D-1AA Hofstra University football team.  The school cut the program following the 2009 season, with only six alums left in the league, including Colston and current Redskins defensive end Stephen Bowen.  The two both graduated in 2006, and have remained good friends ever since.

Former Hofstra player-turned-coach Raheem Morris also joined the Redskins coaching staff this offseason, making a reunion-scenario all the more appealing.

Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis Colts: Wayne has had a tremendous career in Indianapolis, and could be looking for a fresh situation in his first test of free agency.  His career résumé boasts nearly 900 receptions and 12,000 yards, as he looks to solidify his bid for Canton.

His connection: A dozen years ago, Wayne roamed the turf at the Orange Bowl, teamed with Redskins receiver and good friend Santana Moss.  Together, the pair set school records for receiving yards, and his guidance helped to set up the 2001 National Championship victory for the ‘Canes.

And the Miami receiver that came along to break all of Wayne’s records was none other than Redskins rookie Leonard Hankerson.

Let me reiterate, that none of this is to suggest that the Redskins are interested in the aforementioned players, or that the players are interested in joining the Redskins.  Free agency is still one week away, and any or all of these players could be locked up before 4 p.m. on Tuesday, March 13.

It’s just nice to know that players of this caliber have friends in the Nation’s Capital.

0 thoughts on “Free Agent Receivers: Who Knows Who?

  1. MARQUES COLSTON in the house at 5.5 m per for five.
    DONTE STALLWORTH .810 m per out.
    Plus 4.690 m against the cap

    STEPHEN TULLOCH 4.75 m per for four.
    LONDON FLETCHER 5 m per out.
    Minus .250 m against the cap

    AUBRAYO FRANKLIN 5.5 m per for four.
    KEDRICK GOLSTON .735 m per out
    Plus 4.765 m per against the cap.

    WILLIAM GAY 1.25 m per for four.
    KEVIN BARNES .633 m per out
    Plus .617 m per against the cap.


  2. My current 53-man construct ahead of free agency and MANNING announcement

    * = Provisional make good contract.
    ^ = Estimated FA acquisition contract
    R = Rookie contract

    QB [2]

    ROBERT GRIFFIN III [1 picks ’12 and ’13, late 4 pick ’12, 6 pick ’12, 3 pick ’13
    JOHN BECK = 1.117 m [’13]

    FB [2]

    DAREL YOUNG = .405 m [’13]
    MIKE SELLERS = 1.155 m [’15]

    RB [3]

    TIM HIGHTOWER FA 1.2 m [’12]
    ROY HELU = .627 m [’15]
    EVAN ROYSTER = R .096 m [’12]

    OL/LS [9]

    LS NICK SUNDBERG = .405 m [’13]
    L/OT TRENT WILLIAMS = 10 m [’16]
    LT/LG WILLIE SMITH = R .375 m [’12]
    G MAURICE HURT = .525 m [’15]
    C/G WIL MONTGOMERY FA 3 m [’16]*
    RG CHRIS CHESTER = 4 m [’16]
    MIKE ADAMS = R-OT 2 pick Ohio State
    R-OT JARED GAITHER = FA 2.1 m [’15]^
    T JAMMAL BROWN = 5.5 m [’15]


    TE/HB [3]

    CHRIS COOLEY = 5 m [’14]
    FRED DAVIS = 5.416 m [’13]
    LOGAN PAULSON = .405 m [’13]

    WR/KR [7]

    MARQUES COLSTON = FA 5.5 m [’16]^
    JABAR GAFFNEY = 2.5 m [’13]
    SANTANA MOSS = 5 m [’14]
    LEONARD HANKERSON = .680 m [’15]
    NILES PAUL = .559 m [’15]
    ANTHONY ARMSTRONG = .405 m [’13]
    BRANDON BANKS = .405 m [’13]


    K/P [2]

    GRAHAM GANO = FA .485 m [’12]
    SAV ROCCA = FA .685 [’12]

    DL [8]

    JARVIS JENKINS = 1.192 m [’15]
    ADAM CARRIKER = FA 2.56 m [’12]
    DARRION SCOTT = .693 m [’13]
    NICK JEAN-BAPTISTE = NT 4 Lichtensteiger or 5 pick Baylor
    BARRY COFIELD = 6 m [’17]
    CHRIS NEILD = .525 m [’15]
    STEPHEN BOWEN = 5.5 m [’16]
    ETHAN HORTON = DE 7 pick Notre Dame


    LB [8]

    BRIAN ORAKPO = 3.080 m [’14]
    ROB JACKSON = .505 m [’13]
    PERRY RILEY = .580 m [’14]
    STEPHEN TULLOCH = FA 4.750 m [’17]^
    MARKUS WHITE = .523 m [’15]
    KEYARON FOX = FA .810 m [’12]
    RYAN KERRIGAN = 2.180 m [’15]
    LORENZO ALEXANDER = 1.267 m [’13]


    CB [5]

    JOSH WILSON = 4.5 m [’14]
    BRANDYN THOMPSON = .522 m [’15]
    DeANGELO HALL = 9.167 m [’15]
    WILLIAM GAY = FA 1.25 m [’15]^
    JAMELL FLEMING = CB 4 pick Oklahoma


    S [4]

    OSHIOMOGHO ATOGWE = 5.2 m [’16]
    TRUMAINE JOHNSON = CB/FS 3 pick Boise State
    DeJON GOMES = .510 m [’15]
    MARK BARRON = SS 2 pick Alabama

    MOORE out


  3. That is one hell of an in-depth look at the future roster. The only things I don’t agree with are the Colston move and Franklin move. While I think the Franklin move could happen and would be an upgrade, I dont think he would demand that kind of price after the interest and season he had last year. The Colston move would simply be the redskins adding another number 2 reciever and we just dont need another one. We need a true number 1, he does not fit that bill.


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  5. Ryan:

    Check out my revision. I figured FRANKLIN wouldn’t leave enough cap room, and JEAN-BAPTISTE may be available in the fourth. We could trade LICHTENSTEIGER and our fifth to move on him in the third or fourth.

    Not sure the money that V-JAX would want will fit under the cap. But we could give TULLOCH a big payday, and cut our cap exposure by a quarter mill, half if we’re lucky.


  6. Why not get rid of Deangelo Hall???? $9+m???? REALLY??!! Bring in BRANDON CARR (for man-to-man coverage) and RICHARD MARSHALL (nickel/dime corner) for the same amount.


  7. Signing MANNING destroys FA for the ‘SKINS. Signing RG3 destroys the future draft’s and sets the club back in talent by five years.

    I still think the best course is to trade back, take TANNEHILL, get another extra pick and go from there.

    Use FA in other areas like WR, ILB, CB, SS, and R-OT.


  8. the redskins look to have like 20mil plus in cap space right now, Snyder has cash they can easily grab Manning and 2ish more top FA’s with signing bonus’s to deflate the cap hits if they want and still have wiggle room. Resign Fletcher, decide if they prefer Brown or a FA right tackle should be similar costs either way. Sign Vjax or if Manning prefers a Garcon/Wayne choice. Grab some competition depth for both lines then and a under the radar CB/Safety just like last year with Josh Wilson. Confident Gomes can be the SS more worried about our corners beyond Wilson, if cutting Hall doesnt kill the cap id do it and get someone else. Hes a decent enough player little too hit or miss but not 9million a year good.
    Draft Claiborne at 6, then go for safety/line with the 2-4 picks and then just take the Best player avil with the rest. Maybe find a starter at ot/safety/guard with a pick or two from those.


  9. If claibornes gone trade back and gun for either Tannehill, Jenkins(CB) or Barron (Safety) or the top offensive lineman avail and max out the extra picks to improve the roster else where.


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