Redskins Mentioned On ‘Breakout Kings’


On the season two premiere of A&E’s ‘Breakout Kings,’ lead character Charlie Duchamp–a Deputy U.S. Marshal played by Laz Alonso–gives love to the Burgundy and Gold.

The scene is set with him talking to his superiors about a possible promotion that would move him back to Washington, D.C.  Duchamp responds, saying:

This is great, this is really good. I love DC, I got family there…I’m a huge ‘Skins fan.

His counterpart smirks at the remark–perhaps scripted, perhaps a laugh at the truth.  Actor Laz Alonso is a native of the district and a big Redskins fan.

Alonso was born in D.C. in 1974 and graduated from Howard University with a degree in Marketing, before hitting Hollywood as an actor and director.  He’s appeared in movies such as Jarhead and Fast & Furious, before earning a role on ‘Breakout Kings’ last season.

Even though he’s a west coast resident now, his D.C. ties remain current with his love for the Redskins.  In the 9/11 season-opener against the Giants, he was on the sidelines before the game with the Redskins Charitable Foundation, before watching the action from the stands.

Here he is with Jordana Taylor of the Charitable Foundation (via Jordana):

If you check his Facebook page, you can see other credible Redskins fan photos that prove his dislike for all things Cowboys.  Amusing though they may be, they aren’t necessarily bloggable.

Instant Update: I watched the end of the episode, and Charlie Duchamp gets killed.  Confirmed on Alonso’s Facebook page:

Thanks for the tons of messages and encouraging words. It is you the fans/supporters that motivate me to do great work! I appreciate it! To answer your main question, no I will not be in anymore episodes on Breakout Kings. That was it. R.I.P. Charlie DuChamp!

Wow.  I guess his character was a die-hard fan.

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