Redskins’ Cheerleader Prep Class Footage

AP Image

As a precursor to the upcoming 2012 Washington Redskins Cheerleader auditions, biweekly classes are in full swing at FedExField.

Classes are intended to teach squad-hopefuls the moves and routines necessary to make the team.  Auditions will start at the beginning of April, and you can count on this blog for continuing coverage.  You’re welcome.

Cheerleader Abby is a team captain and recently represented the Redskins at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii.  After last night’s workout, she posted flip cam footage of a foursome routine of Abby, Ashley, Megan and Tecoya on her Facebook page:

For all Redskins Cheerleaders updates, follow them on Twitter (@1stLadiesOfFB) and follow their team Facebook page.

If you would like a chance to join the Redskins Cheerleaders, classes are going on right now through the end of the month.  Auditions for the 2012 squad will be conducted in April, so sign up today.

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