The Crayfish Named Lorenzo Alexander

via @krupkake

Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander has earned the nickname “One Man Gang” for his physical style of play, and ability to line up all over the field.

Defensive tackle–check.  Outside linebacker–check.  Defensive end–check.  Inside linebacker–check.  Offensive lineman–check.  Special teams ace–check and check.

Entertaining a classroom full of seventh-graders with his pincer claws and bottom feeding antics?  Check.

Meet Lorenzo Alexander, the classroom crawdad at a local middle school.  Teacher Amy (@krupkake) tweeted photos of the crustacean to Alexander earlier this week, who proudly retweeted them for his fans:

via @krupkake

As Teacher Amy explains, the students in her classroom named the arthropod after the 265-pound linebacker as a tribute to its namesake’s feistiness on the football field.

I’m also hearing unconfirmed reports that the crayfish does morning Pilates near to the tank filter, just like Alexander.  The resemblance is really uncanny.

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