McShay 3.0 Has Redskins Picking O-Line

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[Editor’s Note: The information in this post is not associated with the thinking or decision-making of team executives.  Any information is based purely on the speculation of the writers referenced.]

Much of the offseason speculation has revolved around the quarterback position.  Will the Redskins draft a quarterback high, low, or not at all?  Will they address the position in free agency?  I can confidently tell you that it will be some combination of both, or neither.

Isn’t the offseason fun?

Just as speculation of the Redskins’ interest in first-round quarterbacks Robert Griffin III and Ryan Tannehill has grown in recent weeks, NFL draft experts have begun to consider other possibilities.

If the Redskins sign a starting quarterback in the coming weeks, or have their eye on a later-round guy, then there are certainly other areas of need.  ESPN’s Todd McShay followed this train of logic on his way to Iowa offensive tackle Riley Reiff:

The Redskins will be in the RG3 derby, but if they don’t trade up I would expect coach Mike Shanahan to have a veteran free-agent acquisition to work with at quarterback. That leaves them with no other perfect fits in terms of needs — no wideout or guard worth this pick — but Reiff would bring some flexibility to the offensive line by giving the staff the chance to slide him or current OTs Jammal Brown or Trent Williams inside.

Now, keep in mind that neither McShay nor his companion horse Mel Kiper will speculate on draft day trades, which is their right.  It muddies up predictions and leads to over-thinking on an already speculation-heavy event.

McShay acknowledges that he expects the Redskins to be interested in Griffin–BUT IF NOT (and receiver Justin Blackmon is already off the board to the Rams), then this pick makes sense.  Reiff is the second top-rated tackle in the draft, and could be paired with Trent Williams for a young, dynamic combination.

McShay’s theory of moving Williams or Jammal Brown inside is creative, but always a possibility.  Here’s some extensive footage of Reiff from his days with the Hawkeyes:

Of course, this is all speculation, and does not necessarily represent the intentions of the Redskins front office.  But if this scenario did play out, would you be happy with the No. 6 overall pick?

0 thoughts on “McShay 3.0 Has Redskins Picking O-Line

  1. I want the Skins to go after RGIIIt; proposing a 1st (2012&2013), a 3rd (2012), and a 4th (2012) to get to #2. We’d still be able to get an impact player in 2nd this year and still have a 4th. So essentially all you are losing is a 3rd this year and 1st next year, which is nothing for a potential franchise QB.

    However, if we did get outbid and Blackmon was gone, I’d be pretty satisfied with getting a bookend Tackle to pair with Williams. Go get a Stop-Gap vet and a later round QB, and better luck next year…


  2. This is such a quality draft, I want the REDSKINS to retain all their picks, and if possible add to them while taking a QB later in the first. Next season, trade the QB and picks to move on MATT BARKLEY.


  3. If the BROWNS take FLYNN and the DOLPHINS grab MANNING, the way is clear to negotiate hard for RG3. At that point, the REDSKINS have the leverage not the RAMS or the VIKES.

    If that eventuality comes to pass, I could envision a scenerio where the BROWNS trade two slots with the REDSKINS taking a third, or early fourth in 2012, and we take RG3 in the 4 slot.

    It’s pretty obvious that the RAMS only take RG3 if they trade SAM BRADFORD, and I can’t see any takers further down in the draft taking on he and that horrendous contract.

    The VIKINGS want a tackle to protect their new QB not another QB.

    No, in the event that CLEVELAND and MIAMI are out of the RG3 sweeps, I think a deal gets done for GRIFFIN that’s reasonable for the ‘SKINS, and then we take him.

    But not at the price of our two firsts, a second, third and a third next year. No way jose. This is just too sweet a draft to do that.

    Next year’s draft is leaner, and we could take TANNEHILL now, and trade he and picks for MATT BARKLEY. Makes much more sense..


  4. everyones missing the point here, riley reiff is not an elite tackle prospect. the guys is not very athletic and I just don’t see it personally, I feel very strongly johnathan martin is a lot better than kalil and reiff. You can’t fall in love with tackles at the top of the draft just because they’re kind of safe, look at trent williams fourth overall 2 seasons ago now we’re talking about drafting one at fourth? thats ridiculous o line is a position you should target with multiple picks throughout the draft unless there is an elite. if we don;t sign peyton, we have to trade up for griffin. if that doesnt happen you draft blackmon, if hes likely gone its claiborne, if both are gone TRADE DOWN 7 or 8 picks take martin or the best available and acquire picks


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