’s ‘Under-The-Radar’ Free Agents

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[Editor’s Note: The information in this post is not associated with the thinking or decision-making of team executives.  Any information is based purely on the speculation of the writers referenced.]

As the clock ticks down to the start of NFL free agency at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, March 13, it’s time for the lists to start rolling out. In the next 120 hours, the best, worst, fastest, tallest, sweatiest, hairiest and most-overrated free agent lists will be compiled.

Thanks to a recent blog post at, we can already report on the most-underrated prospective free agents.  Highlighting the list is current Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker, along with another familiar face from bygone Redskins teams.

Here’s the scoop on why neither player has made a buzz this offseason, but may be worthy of a second-look:

As writer Jason La Canfora writes, Carriker was miscast as an interior defensive lineman in St. Louis, which led to his eventual change of scenery in Washington.  The 3-4 transition worked well for the strong man, who put together career numbers in 2011.

The former first-round pick is scheduled to hit free agency for the first time next week (if he isn’t re-signed in the mean time):

Now 27, Carriker was a great find by the Redskins via trade a few years back — ‘Skins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, who was with the Rams when Carriker was there, deserves kudos for that — and he has blossomed into a strong all-around performer. He chipped in with 5.5 sacks last season and is showing why he was drafted 13th overall in 2007.

If he does hit the market, however, there will be plenty of suitors. He found his way on the edge in a 3-4 scheme, and he’s started 31 of 32 games in two years.

The Redskins addressed the shortcomings along the defensive line last summer, with the additions of Jarvis Jenkins, Stephen Bowen and Barry Cofield.  Jenkins sat out his rookie season with a traumatic knee injury, but his speedy recovery could impact the team’s perceived need at defensive end.

Oddly enough, Carriker’s development as a defensive end may have pushed him out of the market as a stopgap or rotational lineman.  Then again, it may make him the ideal candidate.

Also listed in the post was former Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell, who is scheduled to test free agency for the first time in his career.  La Canfora classifies him as “an exemplary No. 2, someone who is more than qualified to be the No. 1.”:

A strong athlete who led Auburn to an undefeated season, he throws a great deep ball and has managed to learn a new offense with a new coordinator almost every year since his early college days.

What do you think of the current and former Redskins named on this list?  Are there any other prospective free agents from Washington that are better qualified for the list?

0 thoughts on “’s ‘Under-The-Radar’ Free Agents

  1. They better sign CARRIKER.

    JENKINS may be a beast, but count on COFIELD or BOWEN being hurt at some point. There’s no reason why you have to plug in one player at a position all the time……except for the money of course. If you pay them full-time. you’re almost obligated to play them full time. And I’m sure neither wants to take less money or time.


  2. I’m not sure FLETCHER gets done. Looking at STEPHEN TULLOCH, I can see him being a less expensive option with at least adequate abilities at SS-ILB. I’m not sure anyone would be equal to FLETCH in run coverage. A rare player indeed, still capable against the pass at 36.



    I’ve been doing a bit of on-line research, and one respected NFL analyst team says that BARRY COFIELD ranked next to last in run-stopping effectiveness last season. We need a NT to allow COFIELD to alternate with BOWEN at DE and CARRIKER to alternate with JENKINS at the other end. Both PAUL SOLIARI from MIAMI and AUBRAYO FRANKLIN from the SAINTS apparantly will be available. Either will prove extremely expensive in my estimation. I think the REDSKINS will go with the flow, and keep what they’ve got adding BALMER, WORTHINGTON or BAKER as the last defensive line-man rather than a draft pick.

    We can replace FLETCHER in FA with a SS-ILB that is both younger and cheaper, but not better. We could give MARKUS WHITE a shot at the job also and save a bundle against the cap, but the strength of the team will decline substantially.

    We have a number of CB choices in FA to upgrade the play of BARNES who was completely exposed last season. With BYRON WESTBROOK released to FA, I only see him returning at a discount to last season’s pay. I’m thinking he’s gone, as BARNES should be.

    I have no answers at SS. I really don’t see LaRON LANDRY at SS next season. The FA market is thin as is the draft.

    We should take TRUMAINE JOHNSON in the third to alternate at CB.FS and back-up ATOGWE.


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