Carriker Reads Dr. Seuss As Cat In The Hat

via @BigPoppaPump94

[Updated at 5:30]

I’m not sure how I missed this awesome tribute to Dr. Seuss, but Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker celebrated the 99th anniversary of the good doctor’s birth in style.

Last Friday, Carriker appeared at an elementary school in his wife’s hometown in Wyoming, about an hour and a half away from his offseason home in Colorada.  Donning the Cat in the Hat hat, he read the classic “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” to a classroom full of kids.

Afterwards, he talked to the kids about the importance of reading and the power of a college education.  As a kid, Carriker said he spent all of his free time wrapped up in books.  These days, he’s been a little tied up in other things, but still keeps up with current events.

Carriker was clearly having a good time with the kids (as he later confirmed on Twitter), and may be the most-ripped ‘Cat in the Hat’ imitator, ever.

Great job, Adam, and major style points for the hat. And even as he’s set to hit free agency next Tuesday, it’s great to see him still rocking the Redskins with his 9/11 Giants-Redskins T-shirt.

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