Darrell Green No Longer The Fastest Green

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Earlier this offseason, we peeked at the pre-draft diary of Jared Green, son of Redskins legend Darrell Green, who is looking to follow in his father’s NFL footsteps.

The elder Green offered unparalleled longevity during his time in Washington, and was renowned for his breath-taking speed.  On his 40th birthday–which he celebrated as a Redskins player–Green clocked a 4.2 at Redskins training camp.

On his 50th birthday, Darrell had finally slowed to a 4.43, which is still faster than all but three of the 2012 Combine times.

But now, at age 52, Darrell finally loses foot races to his son, as Jared discussed in his latest entry for ProPlayerInsiders.com (as written by Khalil Garriott):

In a foot race, the winner would definitely be me. My dad is still fast—we train everyday—but he’s given me the tools and every single secret that he has.

Not to mention that God has given me the genes. It’s really an exciting thing to not only be a product of Darrell Green’s genes, but of his teaching as well.

Jared writes with a great deal of confidence in his abilities, and his numbers seem to back it up.  According to his page at nfldraftscout.com, Green has 4.42 speed, with a low of 4.34 seconds.  No matter who you are, that’s fast.  And on March 19, he will be able to show what else he can do at the Southern University Pro Day.

Jared also discussed how it can be a blessing and curse living in his father’s shadow, likening it to the father-son relationship between Howie and Chris Long:

Nobody’s saying he’s Howie Long’s son anymore. He is Chris. That’s what I plan to do.

I’m a wide receiver, and my goal is to get open and make plays. In the NFL, the No. 1 thing is production. If you can produce, then you become a name.

Jared seems to understand that the key to production is preparation, something that his father has impressed upon him through words and action.  If Jared is going to find success at the next level, he’s going to do it the Green Family Way:

The biggest thing that I’ve learned from my dad’s career is that it all comes down to integrity and character. He’s been trustworthy and a leader his whole career.

I plan to do the same thing that he did, but just take it up a notch…An NFL team should draft me because I know what it takes to help a team win…I have good character, I play the game and I beat the guy in front of me.

And that’s pretty much all that an NFL team can ask for from its players.  Good luck to the Green family this spring, and we’ll continue to keep an eye on Jared’s road to the NFL.

0 thoughts on “Darrell Green No Longer The Fastest Green

  1. From what I can find online, seems like Jared also has great height for a wide receiver. He may not be quite as fast as his dad, but he’s a lot taller! Hope he has great success as a pro.


  2. Well as a life long REDSKINS fan i sure hope some (strings) can be pulled to get Jared on our team due to our lack of height and speed in our WR positions…. Not to mention it would be great to get another green on the team with that kind of speed for another 20yrs. Heyy i never said theres anything wrong with wishful thinking. Good Luck in the future Jared wherever you land.


  3. We could do a lot worse than get Green Jr. for RG3 to throw to If he is half the player his dad was. He seems to have his head on straight. What I would expect as his father’s son. Nobody will ever be as fast as dad was. Dad was a streak of light on the field! A great football player, who, in a earlier age, would have played on both sides of the ball and still have gone to the Hall of Fame on the first ballot.


  4. I’d like to see the Redskins aquire Jared Green (Son of Famed Redskin #28-Darrell Green) as a WR, Since they need a GOOD Deep Treat Receiver!


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