Redskins, Rams Statement On Draft Trade

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The following is a statement by Redskins general manager Bruce Allen and St. Louis Rams general manager Les Snead issued on Saturday:

“In order to execute each of our club’s plans for free agency and the upcoming draft, we have agreed to a trade between our two teams for the second pick in the 2012 draft. We will submit this trade to the NFL for approval.”

0 thoughts on “Redskins, Rams Statement On Draft Trade

  1. It’s about time, this is a positive step in the direction the team needs to go for the future, stop with all the negatives if you save all the picks and draft players to fill all the areas we need to fill good but you’ll still need a quarterback. To me that’s the hardest spot to fill, look at the last 20 years. Get the qb now we’re not going to the bowl next year so draft those needs next year, those are spots easier to find than qb, plus that gives him time to grow and the team can mature together.


    • @Chris–

      That may be true, but I don’t think this is a winner-loser situation. I seriously think that both teams can win with this move. As far as Bruce in Tampa, I’m pretty sure he won a Lombardi while he was there. I’m pretty sure Redskins fans would take that right about now


  2. @Brian

    Every TRUE football fan loves the Redskins. I remember the great Redskins teams of the past, and living here in Tampa, I meet many Redskins Fans.
    I was hoping Joe Gibbs would return the Skins to their former glory.
    I don’t hate Bruce Allen, I just think he gave up a little too much for RG 3.
    But on the flip side of that, look what Cam Newton did for Carolina ?
    Though I live in Tampa, I study every football team I like. I felt the Skins should have stayed put. Trent Richardson would surely have been there for you guys.
    Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden took Tony Dungy’s team to the Super Bowl.
    Tampa gave Oakland the farm to get Jon Gruden, then look what happened to us, by losing all those draft picks.


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