NFL Bracketology: Ranking Best Teams

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In a month known for its inherent madness, the rest of the world has invented brackets to determine what is the “Best ____ Ever.”

Count the NFL as no exception, as they attempt to determine the greatest teams of all time, focusing largely on the Super Bowl winners.

Of course, teams like the ’98 Vikings (previously the greatest statistical offense of all time) and the ’07 Patriots (currently the greatest statistical offense of all time) are also included on the list, for those of you who don’t value Lombardi’s.

The contest is set up as a bracket, and fans are asked to pair down the pool of 64 to 32, 16, eight, four, two, and the eventual winner.  The contest continues through the month of March.

You can vote for the first round right here, which happens to feature four of the greatest Redskins teams.  Here’s the rundown of those matchups:

1982 Redskins vs. 2007 Giants: Following a mid-season work stoppage, the Redskins showed that they meant business, nearly running the table en route to their first Super Bowl title.  Meanwhile, the Giants eeked into the playoffs with a wildcard selection and a road schedule.  Joe Gibbs and the gang rode a healthy running game and the best defense in the land to a Super Bowl rematch a decade in the making against the Dolphins, which they won 27-17.  The Giants only deserve credit for spoiling the Patriots’ perfect season.  [Editor’s Note: No confirmation that Antrel Rolle guarantees the 2007 Giants were better than the 1982 Redskins 99-out-of-100 time.]

1983 Redskins vs. 1981 49ers: With a roster that featured many of the top Redskins of all time, the 1983 Redskins fell one game short of a repeat, losing to the Raiders in Super Bowl XVIII.  Meanwhile, the 49ers won Super Bowl XVI, 26-21 over the Bengals.  Based on hardware alone, I could justify a vote for the 49ers, but on principle alone I would go with the Redskins.

1987 Redskins vs. 2006 Colts: One of the best teams ever assembled, the Redskins had a fourth-ranked offense and sixth-ranked defense, for a fourth-best +94 point differential.  Meanwhile, the Colts had a great offense (second), and an atrocious defense (23rd).  Even in scoring 427 points, they allowed 360.  The Redskins’ Super Bowl victory was one of the least competitive of all time, blowing out the Broncos by historic proportions, 42-10.  The Colts’ Super Bowl victory was much closer, as they defeated Rex Grossman’s Bears 29-17.

1991 Redskins vs. 1970 Colts: Different city, same story.  The ’91 Redskins squad is the best ranked championship team of all time, with a top-ranked offense and a No. 2 defense.  The Baltimore Colts were pretty good in 1970 (ranking sixth and seventh, respectively), but they can’t really compare to the execution and results of the Redskins.  Mark Rypien in the Redskins ripped through the season schedule, losing only twice.  The only thing the Colts have in their favor is that they beat the Cowboys in the Super Bowl.

Who wins each of these matchups?  That’s up to you.  Vote here, now (please).

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