What 4 p.m. EDT Means For Redskins Fans

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And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the start of the 2012 NFL League Year.

Farewell 2011, and all of your troubles–we never liked you that much anyway.  Sure, some good things happened in 2011, especially the infusion of youth and fresh faces on a roster that badly needed new blood.

The results weren’t what the team was looking for, but the process was well underway towards a brighter future.

And when the clock strikes 4 p.m., that future will be ushered in.  In no particular order, here is your guide to bright and shiny things that will magically appear:

1. Any trades executed in recent weeks can be made official.  This applies to any and all trades that you may have heard rumored in recent weeks.  Also remember that this means that teams have until 4 p.m. to back out of said arrangements.  But if the agreements go off without a hitch, and get all appropriate John Hancocks, then these trades will be made official by the league.

2. The free agency free-for-all begins.  Regardless of whether you were cut, restricted or unrestricted, you hit the market at 4 p.m.

For restricted free agents, this means that other teams may make you an offer, which the original team can match or accept.  If they match, you stay, and if they don’t, they receive compensation in the form of whatever pick you were tagged with.  Under the new CBA, the highest tender available is a first-round pick (down from the previous first and third-round picks).

What is a restricted free agent?  In the 2012 League Year, players with three accrued seasons become restricted free agents when their contracts expire.  Unrestricted free agents have completed four or more accrued seasons. An unrestricted free agent is free to sign with any club with no draft choice compensation owed to his old club.

An accrued season is defined as, “Six or more regular-season games on a club’s active/inactive, reserved/injured or reserve/physically unable to perform lists.”

For unrestricted free agents, you may go where you please.  Remember to say all the right things about how you loved your old city, but felt like this was the best opportunity for you and your family at this time.

For players that have been cut in recent days, you’re already a free agent.  Whenever the ink dried on your pink slip, you were a free agents, so get on the horn and find your next team.

For franchised players, just sit tight.  If things get tense before you sign the one-year contract, your team might trade you, or you could sit out the season in protest.  But just remember that old accrued season rule: if a franchise player does not sign by November 13, he must sit out the season.

3. The salary cap is set for teams for 2012.  For now, the number has been officially set at $120,600,000, and all teams must be in compliance with the cap as of 4 p.m.  This explains the cuts in recent days and hours.  This cap is a slight increase from last season.

Any more questions about terms or definitions?  Fire away, and I’ll answer as best as I can.  Anything I don’t know, I’ll make up (or ask someone in the building who knows).

We’re down inside of 30 minutes left in the 2011 season, so get your streamers and party hats ready.  This looks to be an exciting new year for football in the Nation’s Capital.

0 thoughts on “What 4 p.m. EDT Means For Redskins Fans

  1. Looking forward to a fresh start in 2012 even with the recent events with cap if it holds water? First off; what is the lattest on SKINS cap news?

    What of out primary need do we plan adressing is there any organized manner to the madness?

    Thank and HAIL,


  2. Looks like were losing 18.5 cap space for the next two years . ESPN just reported former colts wr Garcon 26 is expected to sign with the skins for 8 mill a year . P.S why did dolphins trade there best player for two 3rd round picks ? I guess there not getting Peyton either lol.


  3. Why no story on Cap Hit? Did we file for an injunction today and were we successful?. Who is imposing the hit? Can we verify that we have not received documentation from NFL about the hit AND more importantly that we had it approved by NFL commissioner’s office at the time we made the moves? How is it possible that they can retroactively hold us accountable to rules that did not exist at the time?


  4. Pierre Garcon, Josh Morgan and Eddie Royal? Okay which receivers are getting cut? Stallworth? Banks? Gaffney? Moss? Austin? Hankerson?


  5. I like the recent acquisitions of Garcon, Morgan, and (soon to be) Royal! I have seen rumors that Moss and Gaffney will be cut, which will free spots and space but that is a wait and see game…. on pins and needles for this season and the rest of the free agency to see what they address on…. oh the O-line and the defense as a whole.


  6. morgan are u serious ? cmon redskins ! we have gaffney moss garçon and hankerson , not to mention two tight ends ….what , no , why do we do this every year


  7. I forgot about Armstrong. He’s probably gone along with Banks and Stallworth. That’s my guess for WR cuts. Maybe Niles Paul too.


  8. Note to DANO:

    Be sure to get that injunction against the NFL and NFLPA cap restrictions tomorrow, and then sue the dog-s*** out of the mealy-mouthed muthas.


  9. WR


    We’ll get some cap relief setting MOSS on the block. He’s due 6.3 mill


  10. LB

    TULLOCH in
    FLETCHER out
    FOX re-signed










  11. I am curious why the twitter account or the website is not being updated to show what is going on free agency. redskins fans shouldn’t. Have to get their team news from other sites.


  12. MOOSE:

    WAYNE wanted to stay and work with either LUCK or GRIFFIN. The way i heard it, he didn’t like MANNING’s prospects for the future somewhere else, he didn’t want to be perceived as riding PEYTON’s coat-tails, and he didn’t care that much for the REDSKINS.

    Same with GARCON, except he had nothing against the ‘SKINS..


  13. Why pay Garcon more ? Lets see he’s 25 wayne is 31 v jax is 30. Garcon had a career year last season 70 cths 950yds with who throwing the ball BUMS!!! lol. I’m more worried about safety both our starters gone . Dirty 30 had to go he’s injury prone & wants big money good luck with that. OJ played well last season maybe we can resign him to a cap friendly deal. The guy I would cut is Hall he’s so inconsistent one week nfc player of the week the very next burnt hard for big yards & 2 td’s …


  14. DR_DEATH 420

    Why we paid more. It was a gun in the ribs hold-up. This could result in MOSS being a cap casualty. I hope not.Regarding the d-backs, all true.


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