Redskins Find Another Division-III Diamond

With today’s announcement of the Redskins signing wide receiver Pierre Garçon, the Redskins have guaranteed the preservation of a Division-III streak on the roster.

Garçon attended D-3 powerhouse Mount Union in the Ohio Athletic Conference.  There are 2,300 students at Mount Union, of the equivalent of about one spectator section at FedExField.

During his time there, he led the Purple Raiders in receiving, en route to two consecutive National Championships, falling just short of another.

You probably heard about it.

In his three seasons at Mount Union, Garçon caught 202 passes for 3,363 yards and 47 touchdowns.  And at least once a year, he lined up against conference rival–and London Fletcher’s alma mater–John Carroll University.

If the Redskins are able to re-sign Fletcher–as they have repeatedly expressed interest in doing–then there will be two D-3 conference-mates on the Redskins for the first time in a long time.

Possibly ‘ever.’  Probably ‘ever.’

In his time on the football field, Garçon has played with a Hall of Fame quarterback, but it’s not No. 18 from the Colts.  During his time in Alliance, Ohio, he played with world-class quarterback Greg Micheli.  According to a Mike Lopresti of the USA Today:

Micheli completed 74% of his passes at Mount Union. He threw 81 career touchdown passes. He had nine interceptions. His quarterback rating of 197.4 is the highest in the history of college football, no matter what division, from Mount Union to Alabama.

Someone give that man a contract.

Lopresti’s piece centers around the non-football life of Micheli now, but offers keen insight to the new top receiver in Washington.  The passer and catcher weren’t particularly close at Mount Union, but Micheli described two sides of his stud receiver:

“He was a really quiet guy, but the exact opposite on the field, really fiery, going 100% every play. I can remember seeing his personality and wondering where that guy was off the field.”

Nor the terror Garcon’s talent struck into Division III secondaries.

“Just throw it Pierre’s way, and you’re probably OK.”

The last time the two huddled up in the 2007 Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl, there were 5,099 people in the stands. Since then, Garçon has proven that he can raise his level of play to match the intensity of the larger stage.

Welcome to Washington, Pierre–you’re gonna love FedExField.

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    • 007–

      My man, you should know that I read the comment section with hater-shades on. Fans are welcome to offer deferential comments up until the point where they’re proven wrong by the play on the field. When that happens, I hope they come back for a slice of humble pie 🙂


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