Redskins Make First Splash With Garçon

AP Image

In what promises to be a big first day of free agency, the Redskins have already gone deep to former Colts’ receiver Pierre Garçon.

In response, sportswriters across the district begin searching frantically for the cédille key on their keyboard.  Via Redskins’ public relations, you can create your own ‘ç’ by pressing ALT+0231.  Or just copy and paste.

Either way, you’re welcome.

Garçon joins an aerial attack in need of a long-range bomber, a receiver that can do the proverbial field stretch and take the ball deep, take the top off the defense.  At least initially, he becomes Washington’s most accomplished 2011 receiver, with 70 catches, 947 yards and six touchdowns.

Specifically, he adds 13.5 yards per catch and 5.2 yards after catch in 2011, playing with quarterbacks Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky.  Presumably in Washington, he could have quite the upgrade, and at age 26 has an opportunity to grow in the Redskins reloaded offense.

Here’s highlight video of Garçon from his time in Indianapolis:

For those of you wondering where he got his sweet moves, it was Mick Jagger.  He’s also an asset in the return game.

0 thoughts on “Redskins Make First Splash With Garçon

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  2. I couldn’t believe it when he made that grab against the Skins, I was so angry at him after that catch…but…with the benefit of hindsight…I am glad we are adding him to the B & G…HTTR…


  3. is saying the skins used more then their cap by spending around 20mil if the pick up Eddie royal. And will have to cut people like moss and Cooley to be under cap!? So i take it as the cap reduction was true?


    • @Burnt–

      I apologize for the radio silence on this one, but it’s obviously a highly sensitive topic, and one on which there is no news to report. I would classify the reported caps as “still under review.” Trust me, we haven’t heard the last of this.


  4. No i wouldn’t think so.

    This is an obvious ‘in your face’ move by GOODELL and the other owners against both JERRY JONES and DAN SNYDER. The good old boys fraternity has turned on two of their own. The contest should be monumental. Frankly, I’m surprised, the REDSKINS haven’t yet found a Federal judge willing to issue an injunction against implementation of the cap reduction and set up a court date for a preliminary hearing.


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