Beginning Of March Madness And Sadness

In a month already known for its madness, this week saw the start of NFL free agency and the tip-off to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

I don’t think ‘madness’ is a strong enough description.

Where the NFL is the nation’s premiere sporting league, March Madness is the nation’s premiere tournament, pairing the excitement of Cinderella stories with amateur athletics.

And NFL players are some of the biggest fans.  Many of these guys are top athletes with the physical talent to play in the NBA.  Some players like London Fletcher were two-sport athletes in college, crushing the D-3 hoops at John Carroll.

And like any other office pool, there are players with prophetic brackets, and those that wish it was April.

Here’s a Twitter-ific recap:

Reed Doughty is the team’s champion so far, calling a perfect bracket midway through the opening round.  He not only called a perfect bracket, but tweeted a picture of it for photographic evidence.

Doughty tweeted that he fills out a bracket every year and competes against his wife and Bible study group. No money, but the winner gets to have a night out while the other babysits the kids.

Doughty is riding high right now on the luck of the Colorado Buffaloes:

According to Twitter Master Darren Rovell, only .21 percent of brackets filed to ESPN are still perfect.  Count Doughty in the less-than-one-percent.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Ryan Kerrigan, who bemoaned his bracket in the opening hours of the tournament:

Teammate Byron Westbrook also announced his bracket before the opening round, with mixed results:

Since he only shared his first round picks, it’s hard to know if his bracket was indeed busted, but an 11-5 bracket it pretty respectable. At least he wasn’t one of the eight people that filled out brackets for ESPN that didn’t get a single game correct (thanks DR).

Most other players kept their picks a secret, but simply tweeted frustrations and commentary throughout the games.  Here’s a taste:

Personally, I saved trees and didn’t fill out a bracket for the fourth consecutive year.  But for those of you who did, share your brackets and thoughts below.  Can you beat your favorite Redskins player?

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