Redskins Players Pumped For Draft Trade

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With yesterday’s official announcement of the Redskins-Ram draft trade that took place late last week, the Redskins officially soar up the board four spots to No. 2.  The move puts them in prime position to take any player in April’s draft, except, of course, the one taken No. 1 overall to the Colts.

Everyone else is fair game.

Draw your own conclusions on what this pick means for the Redskins roster next season, but the team doesn’t make a commitment for a player that it doesn’t love.  General manager Bruce Allen said as much in his address to the media on Saturday night:

“I want to remind everyone we have the second pick in the draft. Clearly we fell in love with two players. We believe one of those players will be a great Redskin.”

And current Redskins agree.  Even though the rumor mill started churning late on a Friday night, several players still took to Twitter to share their excitement with fans:

And it really has.  Players want to go to go where they know they’ll have a good chance at winning, and making the deal on the eve of free agency was a great selling point to fans, players and free agents.

By adding top talent, retaining top talent and attracting top talent, the Redskins are making a strong push to improve in 2012 and beyond.

0 thoughts on “Redskins Players Pumped For Draft Trade

  1. Great Move by the skins because whether it will be Luck or RG3 the skins will get a blue chip QB prospect with Franchise QB potential. I hope it is RG3 and all signs point to that being the case. With that in mind and the current free agent signings I’m excited for this upcoming season and years to come!


  2. Its bout time the SKINS did somthing right maybe this would be the year to win the division Ihope can,t wait for draft day RG3 VS VICK can<t wait for season to start. GO SKINS!!!!!!!!! Feels like HOG heaven….


  3. I love the thought of RG3 playing in the burgundy and gold. I just believe that he fits this system so well. Garcon is a beast of a man. Does anyone notice how big his arms are. He is big and fast, and he breaks a ton of tackles….Yup he drops passes, but I can name a few hof players who had that problem, and a few future hof players who had that problem……….21 milliion is a lot of guaranteed money though, but im believing that it will be well worth it….


  4. Ok, look I’m tired of hoping for an 8-8 season you know ? The Giants were 9-7 last year, lost to the skins twice and I still have to hope for any wins ? I’m tired of going thru the Players revolving door every year..hopefully RGIII is as good as they say he is, but it’s time for the COACH to coach the players he does have instead of everybody crying about what they don’t have. Gibbs won 2 supperbowls with one year wonder Rypien and Jay Schroeder and Doug Williams (don’t forget Williams only started like 2 games that year) and then we have had Heath Shuler/Jeff George and many others.. I mean our coaches continue to try and MAKE players fit a system, instead of designing things for them..Can you imagine Montana in the run and shoot ? or wildcat running the ball ? Shanahan never won anything much even with Elway until Terrel Davis fell into his lap, and efter Elway retired….Ha Ha.. and for those of you old enough to remember, George Allen and the over the hill gang ?…yes older reliable players George brought in and we went to the superbowl…and to George losing to the Cowboys was a little like dying..I’m telling you people if you believe in Karma, then we will never get rid of this curse until Danny boy is gone….Good Luck Skins…I still love ya anyway


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