Start To Free Agency Graded A Success

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In the history of the Redskins franchise, the team has been wryly crowned ‘the offseason champions’ many times for its expenditures in free agency.  We don’t need to revisit those.

But those days appear to be a thing of the past, as the Redskins–for the second-consecutive year–are earning high praise for their measured additions in free agency.

Even while preparing for an unexpectedly amended salary cap number, the Redskins have managed to add quality talent on both sides of the board, earning praise from industry gurus.

ESPN NFL expert John Clayton named the Redskins among his three winners after the first three days of free agency.  Coming at it from a fiscal responsibility angle, here’s what he had to say:

3. Washington Redskins: Give the Redskins credit for scrambling. As free agency opened, the Redskins were given a $36 million salary-cap deduction over two years…That didn’t stop owner Dan Snyder from being aggressive.

The Redskins went 2-for-3 in upgrading the receiving corps, adding Pierre Garcon as a downfield threat and Josh Morgan as a possession receiver.

That still gives coach Mike Shanahan the option of keeping Santana Moss and using him in the slot. On Thursday, the Redskins added hard-hitting safety Brandon Meriweather.

This piece came out after Clayton had written earlier in the week (before the penalties were announced) that the Redskins would be the leaders in free agency.  Especially on short notice, Clayton gives the Redskins high marks for being able to add top talent without blowing the cap.

Former Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington also gave the Redskins high marks in his recent column, approaching it from a player chemistry standpoint.  Here are clips of what he has to say:

The Redskins have signed players in free agency who clearly address some of the team’s needs.

At receiver, the deals with free agents Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan would appear to help with the Redskins’ biggest problem, the lack of a playmaker.

On the defensive side of the ball, they added safety Brandon Meriweather.

Arrington also addresses recent rumors and reports of players signing in Washington, which I must defer to him.  He gives the Redskins an ‘A’ so far in free agency, and says that he would most like to see the team re-sign defensive captain London Fletcher, who remains a free agent.

Redskins officials have repeatedly said that they have a mutual interest in reuniting with this Iron Man, but the market has yet to play out for other inside linebackers.  As I’ve explained before, Fletcher is in a curious situation of being one of the best at his position, and also being nearer-than-most to the end of his career.  Once other top linebackers start to sign, the market value will be set and you’ll hear about more activity on this front.

In the mean time, as frustrating as it may be for fans to hear no news, they shouldn’t assume that they means bad news.  It’s just the natural progression for a position that has yet to be addressed in free agency.

More on this, and every other topic, as things become official here at Redskins Park.

0 thoughts on “Start To Free Agency Graded A Success

  1. As much as I love Fletcher he’s a beast . It might be time to move on I mean by the time RG3 gets good 2 or 3 years Fletcher will be gone . So why not bring in a young guy the team is very young & a few years away form a contender . But hell Fletcher is so beast tough call for skins . Also I rather they cut moss its Hanktime lol.


  2. Signing FLETCHER or not is all about the money unfortunately not about his play and what it means to team chemistry. No one is more important to the defense that FLETCH, but if he’s not resigned it’s because we just couldn’t structure a deal that fit under this bogus cap problem.

    AARON ROSS in the house would cap the climax for the d-backfield.

    I see DEMETRIUS BELL is on the hook for a conversation. I think he’s another JAMMAL BROWN, willing and capable as an offensive tackle, but injured.

    TIM HIGHTOWER has been rescued from where he was hiding from the REDSKINS so he can now be re-signed.


  3. I think anyone thinking we should relax on signing london fletcher, hasnt been paying attention, its been a long time since our defense has had such an anchor, never mind a well respected veteran, who plays with the physical ability of a rookie, and the intelligence of a veteran, OUR DEFENSE NEEDS LONDON! he is our defensive heart, why gamble on someone unproven when we already know fletcher is a beast..


  4. as much as i like the RG3 as a redskin we should have gotten Vince Young t & kept our draft picks. Getting him away from philly helps us because vick will get hurt & they dont miss a beat with him


    • @shel, Joe Greene–

      As much as I agree with you in theory, I have to agree with Joe Greene: Vince Young is terrible. He’s never scratched his vast potential, and seems more than content to be a mediocre backup QB anymore. The passion to start is just gone. There are two teams in the league that tend to pick up the controversial guys in recent years: the Bengals and the Eagles. Draw your own conclusions about the Bengals, but Andy Reid has managed to get the most out of those individuals. If he couldn’t get anything out of Young last year, I really don’t think there’s much to be had. While I’d love to have the draft picks, I’ll pass on VY


  5. I love Fletch but like D_D420 said , it’s time to move on. Yeah, he’s been an anchor but isoon he’ll be a Cap “anchor” like Dre Blatch. We need to sign players that will be here in 3 to 4 years. Let 59 go to a team that can give him another Ring. We can’t at this time. We don’t need an expensive MLB on a team that will “maybe” go 500. It happened to Montana, Unitas, and Rice. Its tough to say good-by but thats what the Cap does to teams.


  6. Vince Young is a complete joke of a QB. There’s a reason why the Titans let him go and QB guru Andy Reid let him walk after 1 season of seeing that he had nothing to offer. 4 TDs and 9 INTs are the last thing this team needs at the QB spot. The Shanahan offense requires a smart QB and VY is a blithering moron with a fragile ego. I’d take Rex back over VY.

    Fletcher re-signing is a need. Everything else at this point is just gravy. We’ve still got a 3rd, and 2 4ths to work with after the RGIII pick, and this front office has landed Hankerson, Riley and Helu with their only 3rd and 4th round picks so far. Things are setting up to be just fine.


  7. VY………..heck no, I actually thought that they would make a push for him in 2011, but theyy didnt. We saw all we needed to see from him last season. I think that signing a ot or an og is more important right now than re-signing Fletch……..


  8. Garcon for 5 years 42million. Patriots sign Lloyd 3 years 12million. When will this team ever learn to stop over paying for talent and spread it over a solid core of players.


  9. LOL Rex Grossman resigned are u serious . I know he knows the offense but do we really want the Turnover machine that is Rex teaching RG3. Dude is horrible as espn says come on man.


  10. It is time to let Mr. Fletcher go! He has lost a step eventhough he is a solid player. If the opportunity to get younger is there we take it like Tulloch if not then we re-sign him at a low price. O-line and LB are the next two positions that Washington needs to address with their remaining cap money room.

    Hail Yeah!


  11. Rex has had his ups and downs. He is no longer a starter but can be a good back up at least for Shanny. He has played in the system both in Houston and now with the Redskins so it makes sense to keep him. RGIII learning the system as quickly as possible is the intent here I think… We all know that Rex chokes when it comes to the big game like he did last year starting with the Eagles game but he won’t be throwing the ball unless RGIII can’t and he has two fill in thank goodness.


  12. All I have to say is…..Washington Teams such as the Skins, Wiz, Caps, United, etc its time for change……..I want all our sports teams locally to be a force and for teams to try to be like us. I’m only 20 years of age but last time Redskins won a SuperBowl WAS 1991, which was my birth year. What ever it takes to win I’m all in!!! ~HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!~


  13. Well the spacing I used wasn’t duplicated correctly in the post, but that’s a formation with Morgan/Moss at Flanker on left, line, FD at TE, Garcon at split end. Backfield is Split back formation with Tebow at FB, Hightower/Helu as HB and Griffin either under center or in shotgun between them. I’M not saying “GO GET TEBOW”. It just occurred to me that a nationally ranked hurdler/accurate QB and the greatest throwing FB could make an interesting variation on the Wildcat. I guess the formation as I’ve described it is not the “typical” wildcat, but the options it presents are interesting.


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