In The Name Of Grandma, Call Him Joshua

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Last season in training camp, we learned that O.J. Atogwe wanted to be “Oshiomogho Isaac” and H.B. Blades would rather be “Horatio Benedict.”  This year, in the opening hours of free agency, the Redskins added another player that really doesn’t prefer the nickname game.

Meet Josh Morgan–or should I say Joshua.  He may not really care, but his grandma reportedly does.

“I really don’t care man, it’s Josh, Joshua, it really doesn’t matter.  I really don’t care,” he said with a broad smile.  “But my grandma named me Joshua after the guy in the Bible, and she really likes that name.”

It turns out that Grandma Morgan is a D.C. resident and lifelong Redskins fan.  She may not be well-versed in Twitter and Face-space, but she knows how to Google her grandson.

“See, when I played out in San Francisco, she didn’t always get to see my games, because they were on the West Coast,” he explained.  “But she would always read about the games later to see how I did.  And when she did, she wanted to read ‘Joshua.’

“She’s old-school.  She named me Joshua, and that’s what she wants to read.”

This story apparently came out while he was in San Fran last season, but he assured me multiple times that it wasn’t a big deal.  In fact, Morgan is in danger of tarnishing the image of the ‘prima donna receiver’ label with his soft-spoken approach.

“I’m not one of those rah-rah guys who is going to talk a lot,” he said quietly.  “I’ve always been told I was a great leader but I never really talked much, I just go out there and let people see how I work and let people see how I play. I let that speak for me.”

Although Morgan exudes confidence in his style of play, his fledgling football career actually started with a lot of uncertainty.  Not wanting to seem dumb, he just caught any balls thrown his way and learned his job on the fly.

“I was a basketball player at first, so when I first started playing football, I would just shut up because I didn’t want to ask dumb questions,” he said with a smirk.  “I guess I got used to just shutting up, paying attention to everything, and becoming a visual learner.

“If you work hard and you work to become great, then sooner or later it’s going to be contagious,” he continued.  “If you don’t say much, then your play will speak volumes for you.”

Coming back to the east coach, Morgan indicated that he intends to play a very ‘loud’ brand of football for his hometown Washington Redskins.

Just please call him Joshua.

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