Armstrong’s NFL Celebrity Hoops Game

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When it comes to discussions of who’s better at football, there aren’t many NFL players that will oversell themselves to teammates (with obvious, Prime exceptions).  With the decision ultimately falling to the coaches, and egos on the line, there isn’t room for much fruitful discussion to be had.

But any other sport is fair game.

Players are happy to tell you about their skills on the court, or pitch, or diamond, and the stories get better as time goes on.  But when it comes to basketball, the time has finally come for players to ‘put up or shut up,’ as Anthony Armstrong is helping host a Celebrity All-Star basketball game to benefit his Lucky13 Charitable Foundation.

On March 30, Redskins and Ravens fans will be treated to a jointly-hosted event by Armstrong and Maryland grad Torrey Smith in Fredericksburg, Va.  This is the second annual “Ravens vs. Redskins themed Celebrity Basketball Game,” and brings great football players together for a great cause.

Some of the highlights of the evening include the roster playing in the game, as you can expect to see some of the region’s top football players.  Tentative rosters include but are not limited to: Armstrong (Redskins), Smith (Ravens), Brandon Banks (Redskins), Ray Rice (Ravens), Tyrod Taylor (Ravens), Laquan Williams (Ravens), Anthony Allen (Ravens), Tandon Doss (Ravens), LeSean McCoy (Eagles), D’Qwell Jackson (Browns), Joe Haden (Browns) and more.

It’s not immediately clear which team the Browns and Eagles players will suit up for.

Tickets for the game start at $10 online or $7 with three (3) canned food items at the door (if available). There is also a VIP Meet & Greet Opportunity for you to be an Honorary Coach of the team of your choice.

Here are all the details in brief:

Date: Friday, March 30, 2012
Venue: Stafford High School
Address: 33 Stafford Indians Lane, Fredericksburg, VA 22405
Game Starts: 7:30 p.m.
Doors Open: 6:30 p.m.

Order tickets while they last and make sure you come out to cheer on the Burgundy and Gold.

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