Mrs. Lichtensteiger Happy Kory Is Healthy

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Not to startle you with profound headlines, but I assert that Mandi Lichtensteiger is happy that Kory is rebounding from a traumatic knee injury in Week 5.

There really is a point to this story.

When Kory tore his right ACL and MCL on an awkward play against the Eagles, Mandi embodied the role of his ‘better half.’  She had to do many of the things that he physically couldn’t do, as he recovered from surgery (via his exclusive interview with Redskins Nation’s Larry Michael):

“Probably the first month after my surgery, it was just a lot of pain, and more than I was prepared for,” he said of his lowest point in the recovery.  “It took me a while to get off the medication and get my quality of life back.”

Five months later, he may not be 100 percent yet, he’s moving around fine without crutches, and can drive himself around without his wife as a chauffeur:

“It was my right leg, so I couldn’t drive.  I had to have a chauffeur–my wife filled that role for me,” he said with a small grin.  “She was pretty good about it, but I could tell there was some frustration there.  A lot of frustration on my end–but understandably so from her end too.

“It’s good to have the low point over with, and it’s all up from here.”

Check out what Kory has to say about getting back to running, and how he handled watching football from the couch:

[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”910951/redskins_2012-03-20-145651.895.m4v”]


0 thoughts on “Mrs. Lichtensteiger Happy Kory Is Healthy

  1. That was one serious injury Ms. LICHTENSTEIGER and the kind that takes two years to overcome and restore proper strength to the knee.

    SHANNY’s blocking schemes are based on deception and quickness. Quickness is typically what is lost in the first year of an injury of this magnitude. I love having KORY in the fold, but I really question his ability to perform in the 2012 season at the level necessary to implement the line blocking that will be required of him.


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