Vote Cover Of Redskins Facebook Timeline

The Redskins are in the process of introducing a brand new franchise timeline to the team’s Facebook page, and are looking for your input into what the cover will look like.

Yeah, that’s right, we’re looking for (*insert your name*)’s help.  This is not some generic invitation, it was intended for (*insert same name*) and all of his or her closest friends.

It’s pretty simple: go to the Facebook page devoted to the vote, and select your favorite image from the available list.  It’s divided up into decades, with an iconic Redskins shot from each of the eight decades that the team has been in existence.

I have to imagine that the 1980s image is going to get a lot of consideration from voters, but there could be a lot of octogenarians on Facebook who fondly remember the 1940s.  I’m just saying.

This project is particularly fitting, given that the team will be celebrating its 80th anniversary this season, and 75th season in Washington D.C.  Happy voting, Redskins Nation.

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