Carriker Deal Delayed By Over-Scheduling

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Some of you astutely noted (and some sarcastically noted) that the announcement of Adam Carriker’s signing was delayed a week from when the original deal was struck.  So, here’s the story behind the story.

Mostly delays have to do with filing the paperwork and getting the necessary John Hancock’s on the dotted lines.  Carriker moved his offseason home out to Colorado this offseason, and has been busy lifting weights and being a Dad.  Carriker had to get back to the east coast in order to sign his paperwork, and the paperwork then had to be submitted and approved by the league.

Only then are we allowed to talk about it.

But all of this came after he over-scheduled his Super Tuesday, as he discussed in his recent blog post on  It’s a candid narrative that walks readers through the initial “stomach butterflies” of free agency, all the way through the exciting end–back where he began:

I had not planned my day out very well, because months before I scheduled a general recovery acupuncture session for, you guessed it, 4pm on that very day. To add to my lack of planning ahead, I had also scheduled to talk to a group of underprivileged high school kids at 5:45pm on that same day.

So there I am, lying on a table covered head to toe in acupuncture needles, talking to my agent about where my family and myself would be living for the next four to six years.

That sounds like the start of any great story.  Carriker admitted that he was probably a sight to see: a 6-6, 310-pound porcupine, thrilled to be headed back to Washington:

As long as their offer was fair and comparable to other offers, I wanted to stay a Redskin. I immediately called my wife to tell her, mind you, with all the needles still in me.

While I’m telling her, I receive a call from a reporter, “Dude, the news broke, your staying a Skin?!” I hadn’t even told my wife, I was still on the phone with her and people on Twitter were already talking about it.

The next 45 minutes flew by on the phone, and pretty soon it was time to go chat with the group of kids.  Carriker is in the process of getting his own non-profit off the ground, but is very proud of his platform as an athlete to reach people, especially kids:

A lot of them were from rough backgrounds, had a rough childhood, and were getting into quite bit of trouble.

Mind you, I love doing things in the community and I’m really glad I went and talked to them.  In retrospect, however, I wish I would have scheduled it at a different time.

When I was done talking with them, I looked at my phone and saw that I had about 50 missed calls and texts. Most important of all was the Skins trying to get a hold of me. I finally connected with them and we got everything figured out.

Carriker said that the free agent experience was “very exciting” and something he’ll remember forever.  He also said that he “enjoyed every second of it,” which works out to be a little over 3,600 seconds, based on his timeline.  By comparison, Peyton Manning was a free agent for 1,134,000 seconds, give or take.

I dare you to check my math.

Read more about his free agency experience, as we’ll keep up with Carriker and his blog for the upcoming season.

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