Hightower Working Out Again After Rescue

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Free agent running back Tim Hightower had been working out around the facilities, rehabbing his leg and getting strong before the start of free agency.  Now, he’s back in Arizona, and reportedly had a mountain hike end in rescue, late last week.

According to FOX-10 in Pheonix, Ariz., Hightower and wife Krista were stranded on Camelback Mountain after getting lost close to dark.  Rather than trying to hike down in the dark, Hightower did the smart thing and called for help from local authorities.

Reports were that neither of the two were hurt, but perhaps a tad embarassed.  Thank goodness for invasive news reports (which I’m passing along to you).

Redskins fans hoping for a reunion in free agency will be pleased to know that Hightower was back to working out today, in Arizona.  He tweeted a few motivational messages and showed evidence of him cutting on his surgically repaired knee:

Back to the grind. The best is yet to come. Who gonna stop meI’m preparing to be a dcoordinators worse nightmare. I’m not inspired I’m driven by a purpose.

via @Tim_Hightower

For those of you wondering why “purpose driven” is attached to everything Hightower says, it’s a personal motto.  He actually has it tattooed in the middle of his back.

Hightower was traded for at the beginning of training camp, and experienced moderate success before tearing his ACL on a freak injury against the Panthers in Week 7.  He finished the season with 94 touches for 399 yards and two touchdowns.

Glad that both he and his wife are safe, and that he’s back to work already.

0 thoughts on “Hightower Working Out Again After Rescue

  1. I would like to see him back in burgandy and gold. He did okay until he got hurt. But… I ‘d ship him in a New York minute if it interferes with re-signing London.
    Glad they were safe. HTTR!


  2. We need Tim Hightower he could tech roy and evan
    and he doesnt want to leave washington and he knows what he brings to a football team i garantee he will come with 1,000 yds and more than 10 TD in 2012!!!
    He is Great and has ability to do anything and he has really great speed!!!!!Please re-sign Tim!!!Redskins For Life!!!!!!!!


  3. Juan:

    You do realize ROYSTER has not be offered a new contract to date don’t you?According to the 2012 REDSKINS contracts web-site at least.


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  5. We are not going to be able to resign everybody and upgrade at positions of need. With that said we have young RB ready to go in Helu. If Tim shows he has not lost a step after the injury and he comes at a bargain then maybe. The one thing Shannahan has demonstrated in the past is the ability to find a 1000 yard back off the street. Address Oline before he add another RB. There are plenty in free agency to be had.


  6. Come on man! A Redskin getting lost inna d mountains! Yo T D I know u wanted 2 see d SUNset but stay close 2 home. Neva take 4 granted d elements. Lessons on how 2 be a Redskin. Aee! RG3! Hail!


  7. I too agree the Redskins should keep Tim but I doubt he will earn a starting spot over Roy Helu, Helu is just too good and he earned his playing time straight up. Also, I agree that if the team needs the cap space to resign London… ship Hightower off! #1 We MUST retain FLETCHER!!


  8. Frankly, I’m surprised by the lack of motivation to re-sign WILLIE SMITH, KEYARON FOX, and SAV ROCCA.

    I thought SMITH’s play superior to HURT, COOK, BROWN or POLUMBUS. COOK’s almost total absence from the playing field explains a lot. Not that WILLIE played all those slots, but the guy has potential in my estimation. Give him a $100,000 bump and sign the guy. He’s make a good LG. With LICHTENSTEIGER slowed by that injury, he’s needed especially with a dirth of high draft picks this year.

    I would think FOX needs to be a back-up ILB because he’s been in the defense for a year. A new guy would not. Is MARKUS WHITE ready to step into that role in 2012?. Maybe that’s why KEYARON hasn’t been signed.

    The REDSKINS ignore the kicking game at their peril. Believe it or not, this sport is not all about RG3 and Arena football.. SAV ROCCA gave us the best punting I’ve seen on this club in YEAR’s, and I mean YEARS. Give the man his due, and sign him up. ROCCA was as good as GANO was bad. Yet, GANO has the contract and SAV doesn’t. Gotta’ just shake my head.

    Notice FLETCHER hasn’t been on any visits as the weeks into free agency roll on. With almost all the ILB FA prospects intact at this point, I guess it will stay that way until things break loose.

    I understand why the REDSKINS want to go in a direction other than HIGHTOWER with their #1 running back, but not resigning ROYSTER ? What’s up with that?

    Looks like ALDRICK ROBINSON is on the outside looking in. First 2011 draftee to move on?


  9. Definitely resign Hightower and he and Helu can pack the NFLs best 1-2 punch at RB. Gotta fix the Oline though. I’m sick of saying that every year. Please fix the dang Oline!


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