NFL Bracketology: 1991 Redskins Alive

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March should officially be known as bracketology month, both for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, and for anything else worth voting on (delicious food, cute animals, name of the year, coolest things ever, etc.).

At the end of it, who even cares about basketball anymore?

That’s the premise of the bracket to determine The Greatest Team of All Time.  With 46 Super Bowls and 64 entrants, there were obviously some teams without a ring on the list.  Four Redskins teams made the initial cut, for a whopping one-sixteenth of all entrants.

That number sounded bigger in my head.

After round one, the Redskins are tragically reduced to one team, as the 49ers fans have hijacked the entire process (six teams remaining).

But Redskins fans still have a chance to keep calm and carry on.  Check out the matchup and vote:

1991 Redskins vs. 2007 Giants:

The 1991 squad was likely the best in franchise history, and is widely considered the best NFL team ever assembled.  How many other teams have ever boasted a No. 1-ranked offense and a second-ranked defense, and finish with a Lombardi?

Just one.  They were the definition of elite that season, and are one of the few teams in recent memory that has lived up to the hype.

That’s not taking anything away from the 2007 Giants, but they lack the dominance factor, having lost six regular season games.  It took the Giants winning the Super Bowl to match the 14 wins that the 1991 Redskins accomplished during the regular season.  Not only that, but the offense and defense were ranked 14th and 17th, respectively.

Were the 2007 Giants a quality team?  They’re Super Bowl victory proves that they were.  But it’s up to you to prove that the 1991 Redskins were the greatest team ever.  Vote now.

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