Watch Stanford’s Pro Day Live At 2 P.M.

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Yesterday, we witnessed Robert Griffin III solidify his top of the draft status with a commanding Pro Day at Baylor University.  Today, we get the chance to make fair and unfair comparisons to other top prospect Andrew Luck at the Stanford Pro Day.

I can’t wait.

Redskins fans should be equally intrigued by today’s workout, because there are no guarantees that the Colts are stuck on Luck at No. 1.  Hypothetically, if the Colts were to select RG3 at No. 1, then Luck would be the best available quarterback prospect left in the draft.

If the Colts passed on both quarterbacks, then the Redskins would have to choose which one they like better.  That’s why the Redskins top brass is reportedly in Palo Alto, Calif. this afternoon, covering their bases.

And hey, if the Colts and Redskins both pass on quarterbacks, then the Vikings get to decide.  But hey, let’s be serious…

Like Griffin, Luck elected not to throw at the Combine, making this the first time he’s thrown to his receivers for public consumption since losing to Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.  Luck has been on the national radar as a top quarterback since his junior season, so there was nothing to be gained by throwing in February.

Today, in his natural environment, throwing to his receivers, the world will see what Luck looks like for, presumably, the last time before he turns pro.  You may, can and should watch it all on ESPN3, live at 2 p.m. E.T.

Editor’s Disclaimer: As it currently sits, the Redskins control the second overall pick, and do not have rights to any particular amateur player.  That will be decided on April 26th.

Good Luck this afternoon.

0 thoughts on “Watch Stanford’s Pro Day Live At 2 P.M.

  1. Oh my. After watching RG3’s pro day, I was worried that the Colts might take him, but Luck looked incredible. I think RG3 fits with the Skins better, but I’m definitely going to be happy with whomever gets chosen.


  2. yeah i made a stupid commet thur.cause i read could the colts take RG3 and i said if they did i wished they have a a bad yr. every yr. but i did not wish somebody get hurt!!! but RG3 AND LUCK looked good yesterday,but RG3 does fit better with the skins.i would be happy no matter who we get.


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