A Redskins Dilemma In Madden Cover Vote

Last week, I wrote about the EA Sports/Sportsnation Madden bracket to determine the next NFL player that will grace the cover of Madden ’13.  Redskins fans could choose between top Redskins nominees Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan, and see if they might make it through the field of 64 to No. 1.

In that post, I encouraged fans to vote, but reminded them that the Madden Curse is an actual thing, and that fans run the risk of inadvertently dooming their favorite player to injury and soul-crushing failure on the field.  I just pass along the information, you do what you will with it.

As a result, I got torched by commenters and re-tweeters, who accused me of indirectly or deliberately sabotaging the team.  The outcry was candid enough that it caught the attention of Orakpo, who thanked fans for their concerns (it was later retweeted by Kerrigan):


Orakpo was later voted through to the round of 32, earning a 15 seed going up against a No. 2.  The dilemma for superstitious Redskins fans is that that No. 2 seed is Giants receiver Victor Cruz.

Would Redskins fans dare vote for a division opponent in the interests of keeping Orakpo healthy? Would voting for a division opponent guarantee that he gets cursed?

Redskins fans have every right to be careful with their vote, with catastrophic career meltdown on the line.  Here’s a comprehensive review of your options:

Vote for Orakpo: C’mon! The Redskins never win anything and never get the respect they deserve.  London Fletcher can’t get voted to the Pro Bowl after leading the NFL in tackles, and now Orakpo gets a 15th seed?  That means that ESPN an EA Sports think the Redskins’ best player is one of the four-worst-top-players in the league.  A vote for Orakpo is a reflection of your fanhood, your devotion to the team, and your undying respect for Rak City.

Vote Against Orakpo: Listen, we all know that he deserves it, but why risk it?  End his chances now, get him out of the running, and let whoever wants to be the latest Madden victim deal with the consequences of the cover.  Orakpo is too important to this team to be distracted by high-profile shenanigans, so let’s get back to football.

Vote Against Cruz: Curse?  What curse?  I’m tired of hearing about Cruz and his salsa dancing touchdown celebration.  He had only five receptions for 44 yards and no scores in two games against the Redskins last season–by far his lowest against a division opponent.  No salsa exhibitions in Washington, and no Cruz on the cover.

Vote For Cruz: Time for some good ol’ fashioned reverse psychology: show your love for Orakpo by intentionally voting through Cruz.  Let the Madden Curse run its course on the Giants receivers, who will be left without their Super Bowl hero (Manningham signed with the 49ers) or their regular season hero in Cruz.  It’s flawless logic.

So now it’s up to you: what will you choose?

0 thoughts on “A Redskins Dilemma In Madden Cover Vote

  1. it was hilis.. and he was terrible.. a couple players have eluded it though,, but more often than not its not good for the player nor the franchise.. regardless orakpo and kerrigan are going to terriorize qb’s for years.. lez go


  2. The first player to ever be on a Madden game besides Madden himself…Garrison Hearst. And he suffered a knee injury that ended his career. Rodgers was onb the cover for Madden 11, Madden 12 was Hillis (I should know, I have it). He did have concussions and missed a game or 2 but his injury was not nearly as serious as some of the others. Marshall Faulk, Mike Vick, Daunte Culpepper, Turoy Polamalu, even Ray Lewis in 2005 got hit by it.


  3. Rogers has NEVER been on the cover of Madden. Don’t know where you guys get your info, but you obviously need a new source….

    Google is your friend, use it before you type on forums and make yourself look stupid.


  4. Oh, and to the guy that said the 1st one was Garrison Hearst? You need to learn to Google too… 1st Madden cover w/ a player was Eddie George… who had the worst year of his career (without injury) after posing for madden’s cover.


  5. Haha, seriously guys, how hard is it to know that Rodgers was never on the Cover. Regardless, I think we should put LONDON FLETCHER on the cover. When he comes out unscathed it’ll show that he’s the true IRON MAN of the NFL.


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