A Look At The New Redskins Draft Slots

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Going into last season’s draft, the Redskins had seven draft picks, including the No. 10 pick overall.  Umpteen trades later, the Redskins selected Ryan Kerrigan at No. 16 overall, and managed to pick up five extra picks along the way.

So spending a long time pontificating about the Redskins draft slot is probably premature at this point, and borderline pointless altogether.  Both head coach Mike Shanahan and general manager Bruce Allen have made it clear that they’re in the business of restocking the team’s depth chart with quality, home-grown talent.

Especially after swapping the first and second round picks to move up four slots to the No. 2 overall pick, I would expect the team to continue making adjustments on the day of the draft, to get the players that they like.

But with that being said, the team currently has seven picks.  The Redskins’ own Larry Michael breaks down the full story in this month’s special edition of Inside The Redskins:

Or basically:

Round Pick Comment
1 2 Acquired from St. Louis
3 69 Own Pick
4 102 Own Pick
4 109 Acquired from Oakland
5 141 Own Pick
6 173 Acquired from Minnesota
7 213 Own Pick

To watch the rest of this special offseason edition of Inside The Redskins, check it out here.  For more Redskins Draft coverage, check out the Draft portal on Redskins.com.

0 thoughts on “A Look At The New Redskins Draft Slots

  1. Just get some good linemen and a quality corner if one is available. I think we have the rest of the package. I’m impressed with the aggressive move to get that impact QB and the moves to give him some good receivers. We’re set with solid
    runners, linebackers, pass rushers…what’s not to feel good about? We ought to be able to pick up a few good linemen and a corner. This year we come out of the


  2. Picking RG3 is going to be the best move the Redskins make in the near future. Make sure though that he has enough protection on the offensive line to have time to make the necessary plays. Please make sure he has someone to throw the ball to. I think the recent additions at wide receiver should take care of this problem. Also sign London Fletcher to some kind of a deal, he has some good years left and to me last year was one of his best. I love the Redskins and want to see them succeed. It’s been a long time since we had a championship of any kind. Either winning our division or a super bowl win. Please also think about streamling or modernizing the indian on our helmets, we might could make him a little fiercer and more aggressive.


  3. Looking at our picks dont we get an compensatory pick for Landry?

    I can’t agree more on the needs to upgrade the Oline. Got to get some upgrades at RT, LG, and maybe even C.


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