Jared Green Runs A Sub-4.4 40 At Pro Day

Early last week, while the sports world was waiting for the football Pro Day spectacles in Waco, Texas and Palo Alto, Calif., a much smaller contingent of scouts was at the Louisiana Lafayette Pro Day.

Those who were there–and the 78 people who watched on Youtube–saw Jared Green, son of Redskins legend Darrell Green, run a blistering 4.33 in the 40-yard dash.


Officially, that number was inflated to 4.38, still one of the faster times in his draft class.  Check it out for yourself:

We’ve been following Jared’s path to the pros here on the Redskins Blog, as he certainly makes an intriguing prospect for fans of the Redskins.  Coming into this event, Green was clocked at a 4.42, and had gone as high as 4.54.  There were only a handful of prospects who put up faster times at February’s Combine, and few match his size.

Green officially measured at 6-1.5 ,191 pounds, and had a 35 inch vertical with a 10-9 broad jump.  Scout.com had him rated as the 68th receiver of 348 eligible receivers, and his time is sure to improve his stock.

Even though Green didn’t put up the type of flashy numbers in college that jump off a page, he has the raw potential and the pedigree to be successful at the next level.  Although this is the last time we’ll see him on the football field before April, watch out for Jared and “Team Green” as the Draft approaches:

0 thoughts on “Jared Green Runs A Sub-4.4 40 At Pro Day

  1. Love this quote from Graziano’s article. Looks like the Skins might actually have a case here:

    Mara is wrong because the only thing of which the Redskins and Cowboys are guilty is failing to honor a shady gentleman’s agreement between 32 billionaires who don’t want to pay their employees any more than they have to. What the NFL, Mara and the other owners did, effectively imposing a salary cap when none had been agreed to by the other party (i.e., the players) in their collective bargaining agreement, was patently wrong. To punish the teams that didn’t go along with the wrong, and to so strenuously defend the punishment as though it were right, is the height of arrogance.


  2. Congrats, Jered! Just listen to your dad and you will go far! Much love from the REDSKIN family – see if you can talk your dad into comming back for a few more years, I’ll supply the Tootsie Rools! We will always love and respect you, Mr. Green, always a class act, you showed the WORLD what being a REDSKIN is all about!!!


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