Club DJ Tiësto Is An Excited Redskins Fan

via @Tiesto

Make room on the Redskins bandwagon for Dutch musician Tijs Michiel Verwest, known in dance clubs around the world as the famous DJ Tiësto, or simply “Tiësto.”

For those of you that don’t frequent the rave, Tiësto has released 66 singles and 79 remixes in the last 15 years.  He has been nominated for 61 international awards, and has walked home with 48 pieces of hardware.  If you follow club music, he needs no introduction.

If you don’t, his introduction doesn’t mean much.  Just trust me that he’s a big deal.

The important part is that he’s officially a big fan of the Redskins, as he revealed to his 1,033,590 followers on his Twitter account (@Tiesto):

@Tiesto: “Can’t wait for RG3 🙂

via @Tiesto

[Editor’s Disclaimer: It is my responsibility as the Gandalf of this blog, to remind fans that no matter what world-famous DJ’s are reporting, the Redskins have not selected a player for the 2012 Draft, and likely will not know the pick until the eve of the April 26th announcement.  That is all.]

It’s very exciting to hear that the Redskins (and Chris Cooley) have celebrity fans in the Netherlands, but it’s also nice to know that Tiësto will be playing at Club Glow tonight in D.C.  If you go to the show, you will see Redskins center and noted Tiësto fan Erik Cook in attendance:

It should be noted that before the show, Tiësto will also be Rocking The Red at a Washington Capitals hockey game.  I’m not sure what the Washington sports connection is, but I won’t complain.

Welcome to Redskins Nation, Tijs!

0 thoughts on “Club DJ Tiësto Is An Excited Redskins Fan

  1. Me too Club DJ tiesto

    Here’s today’s current mock

    Round 1 [002] QB ROBERT GRIFFIN III Baylor
    Round 3 [069] OT BOBBY MASSIE Mississippi State
    Round 4 [102] LB JAMES-MICHAEL JOHNSON Nevada
    Round 4 [109] RB CHRIS POLK Washington
    Round 5 [141] FS AARON HENRY Wisconsin
    Round 6 [173] OG ROKEVIOUS WATKINS South Carolina
    Round 7 [213] FB CODY JOHNSON Texas


  2. So after reading this, I googled/YouTube stalked this tiesto fellow and it turns out that he’s a big f****g deal.

    He makes women in bikinis jump up and down….worth taking a look at some of his videos on YouTube.


  3. I just want to tell you DJ Tiesto died in a car crash last night.
    If you GOOGLE dj tiesto and at the bottom of the side you can read about the car


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