Allen, Shanahan On State Of The Redskins

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Today marks the final day of the NFL Owners’ Meetings in Palm Beach, Fla.  It’s been an eventful week, complete with rumors, reports, rule changes, and good ol’ fashioned drama.

But the good news out of Redskins Camp is that the two top personnel men–general manager Bruce Allen and head coach Mike Shanahan–are very pleased with the State of the Redskins, and shared their thoughts with the gathered media.

Since I could not be in attendance (someone had to stay at Redskins Park), I rely on the assembled Washington media to pass the news along.  Credit to SiriusXM, Rich Cambell, and Rich Tandler for the quotes.

Here is it, broken down by topic area:

Free agency, as a whole:

“We feel good with what we were able to do in free agency. We picked up two young receivers who have shown some promise in the league, guys who we liked their character.”  (Allen with Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan of SiriusXM Sports).

Wide receiver Josh Morgan, specifically:

“Josh Morgan is a complete football player,” Shanahan continued. “He can block. He can run. He can catch. He’s one of the most underrated guys that I thought was out there when I talk about a complete football player.” (Shanahan, via Rich Cambell of the Washington Times).

Wide receiver Pierre Garçon, specifically:

“His ability to run after the catch…His ability to come out of a break at full speed. He’s one of the few guys I’ve been around that can explode on the field, come out of a break with speed. Once he catches the ball, his ability to go to the distance.” (Shanahan, via Washington Times).

On negotiations with free agent linebacker London Fletcher:

“We’re going to try very hard to get him back in the burgundy and gold,” Allen told hosts Kirwan and Tim Ryan. “And he has told us that he wants to come back. It’s just going to take maybe a little longer than we wanted to work it out.” (Allen on SiriusXM Sports, via Rich Tandler).

The Draft, as a whole:

“Last year, we had 12 of our draft picks make our football team.  This year, we still have seven draft picks, even though we made that trade.  We think getting 19 young players is a great infusion of youth for our team.” (Allen with on SiriusXM Sports)

The Draft and the No. 2 overall pick:

“Obviously, with the trade with the Rams, we start the league year out knowing we’re going to get a good quarterback.  Let’s talk about both of them, because we don’t know what the Colts are going to do.”

“Obviously we did a lot of homework before the trade, and they are two great young men.  The NFL ought to be very pleased to bring both of these men into the league.  Their talents are a little bit different, but they’ve both elevated their programs to national prominence, and it’s not two programs that are normally up on the front pages of every newspaper in the country.”

“Robert [Griffin III] was good enough to win a Heisman Trophy.  Andrew Luck was good enough to come in runner-up two years in a row, so we feel very good about the position we’re in.”

“We have a plan on both ways, [depending on which player we draft].  Coach has a good idea of what he’s gonna do with it.  We’re excited and looking forward to it.” (Allen with on SiriusXM Sports)

[Listen to the Bruce Allen audio, courtesy of SiriusXM, below:]

To summarize: the Redskins are happy with what they’ve accomplished thus far in free agency, cautiously optimistic about re-signing London Fletcher, and prepared for whichever quarterback the Colts leave on the board.

This is just the beginning of a critical offseason for the future of this franchise, and the administration sounds very pleased with where they sit.

0 thoughts on “Allen, Shanahan On State Of The Redskins

  1. I think that Garcon is going to be a beast after the catch. I have been eyeing him for a long time now, and I would often say to my wife how I would love to have a guy like that on our team. Now he is on our team and I think that he playmaking ability is among the best in the game. I thhink that the Skins are really hoping that they get Griffin, because he fits the system perfectly.

    Whats your take on that last comment?


    • I think RG3 is the better fit of the two but people keep sleeping on how much of a beast Luck is as well. That’s why this trade is a seat back and cross your legs pick because all the pressure is on the Colts. But I think ten years from now they both will be elite QBs.

      Luck is the safe pick and Colts had luck with a similar QB so I think they follow there blueprint at take Luck #1.

      Bottom line if the worst we can do is get Luck then we will be head and shoulders better then Grossman under center as well as set at the position for the next 10 years.


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