Redskins In NFL’s 2011 Highlights…Barely


Yesterday afternoon, released a video entitled “The Season in Six Minutes,” meant to look back at the 2011 season in a “special six-minute presentation.”  For Redskins fans, it’s six minutes that they likely won’t appreciate, or get back.

Of 362 possible seconds that the Redskins could have been featured (for better or for worse) Redskins’ footage is limited to part of one play, which takes approximately two and one-half seconds.  The highlight was of Roy Helu’s infamous hurdle in Seattle, one of the top plays of the NFL season, and the first touchdown of Helu’s promising career.

That is all the attention that the Redskins got.  But it could be worse, and here are several reasons why:

1. There was zero footage of Redskins’ blunders.  The 5-11 record suggests that not everything went swimmingly in Washington last season, and there were a number of plays that could have qualified as highlights for other teams.  Fortunately for the Burgundy and Gold, they were passed over.
2. They weren’t cut out of the video altogether. That distinction goes to the Jacksonville Jaguars, who actually weren’t featured at all–not even a passing glance.  The Redskins were the second-to-last team featured, and 18 teams had been featured at least twice before them, but at least they made the final cut.
3. They highlighted things in roughly chronological order.  Why bother watch until the very end, if you know that the Redskins will be featured exclusively at the 1:50 mark?  We all know who hoisted the Lombardi Trophy at season’s end.  But hey, at least the Redskins beat that team twice.

Where is the 9/11 game ceremonies against the Giants?  Where is Ryan Kerrigan’s tipped pass and interception return for a touchdown in his first NFL game?  Where is the Brandon Banks to Santana Moss touchdown pass against the Patriots?  Oh well, no matter.  The 2011 squad got its 2.5 seconds of fame, a number that they will look to justify increasing in years to come.

Now, after that glowing introduction, enjoy any or all of’s six-minute video.

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