USA Today Names Its Free Agent Winners

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And the Redskins are one of the teams listed.

The USA Today singles out 15 teams as either winners or losers after two weeks of free agency, and the Redskins have landed on the right side of the equation.  Most free agent power rankings are picked clean at this point, so where the Redskins sit is roughly how they’ll be judged for this free agent class.

For the second consecutive year, the Redskins have been looked to as big players in free agency, but have showed savvy restraint by avoiding the big-name, high-risk personalities.  While fans have been forced to learn the names of underrated free agents (i.e. Stephen Bowen, Joshua Morgan), the results have shown that “calculated” is the new offseason motto in Washington.

Here’s what the USA Today’s Nate Davis said about the Redskins shopping list in 2012:

Washington Redskins: They paid handsomely to get the second overall pick from the Rams, but Robert Griffin III (or perhaps Andrew Luck) should finally be the franchise quarterback the ‘Skins have sought for decades.

Getting the deal in place prior to free agency also made D.C. a more attractive destination for players such as WRs Pierre Garcon and Joshua Morgan. Otherwise, credit GM Bruce Allen for some low-risk, high-reward signings (CB Cedric Griffin and S Brandon Meriweather) while retaining DL Adam Carriker and C Will Montgomery.

And let’s not forget Rex Grossman.

One underrated part of the Redskins-Ram trade is that it was consummated on the eve of free agency.  Is it any surprise that the Redskins were then able to sign two young, talented receivers before the sun set on the first day?  Trading up to secure one of the two most exciting quarterback prospects of this millennium sent a bold message to free agents that this team means business.

Interestingly enough, the Rams are also listed as one of Davis’s winners, with the Redskins’ haul of draft picks among the team’s victories.  And there’s no reason why Redskins’ fans should begrudge that.

The trade for the No. 2 pick gives the Redskins a shot at one of two players that they believe in.  If the Redskins get their guy and the Rams get their picks, there’s no reason why both teams can’t end up very happy with this blockbuster deal.

But that’s a discussion for 10 years from now.

The Philadelphia Eagles were the only other NFC East team listed by Davis, and they also ended up in the win column, primarily for their acquisition of Texans’ linebacker Demeco Ryans.  It was a good trade on their part, and Redskins fans are certainly allowed to begrudge the Eagles.

What do you think?  How to the Redskins look on your free agent list, and where would you rank the Cowboys and Giants?

0 thoughts on “USA Today Names Its Free Agent Winners

  1. We re-sign FLETCHER and we’re a winner.

    Here’s today’s current mock

    Round 1 [002] QB ROBERT GRIFFIN III Baylor
    Round 3 [069] OT BOBBY MASSIE Mississippi State
    Round 4 [102] LB JAMES-MICHAEL JOHNSON Nevada
    Round 4 [109] RB CHRIS POLK Washington
    Round 5 [141] FS AARON HENRY Wisconsin
    Round 6 [173] OG ROKEVIOUS WATKINS South Carolina
    Round 7 [213] FB CODY JOHNSON Texas


    • Not bad 007 great mock. I agree with most picks with the exception that we will not take a RB in the 4th. We have other immediate needs like another corner or FS. Massie is a soild player and you can never have enough good young linemen. Hope he is still there in the third


  2. I give them a C+ because of the cap restrictions they were able to get a quality offensive lineman up to this point. I know Fletcher is good, and even if they sign him or not my grade will not change. They need a bonafied quality starter at RT in my opinion. If JB is the guy then good, but until that position is settled then a C+ is what would give them.
    I love the other moves……..httr


  3. I like the move to get RG3 , Now we need to secure a offensive lineman. Also a field goal kicker. If the skins lose 3 games this year because of missed field goals , and you know I can almost see it happening !!!


  4. As Skins fans we pretty much agree we need help along the Oline but the Shannahans do not put a premium on the position. If you look back at Mike’s Denver days the focus was on the blocking scheme not high price linemen. It’s all about the zone block/cut block. The vaulted Gibbs scheme.

    I believe we will eventually bring someone in to compete at RT with Jamal Brown or possibly draft one but he will probably not be a well known commodity. Its proving time for JB or he doesn’t make the 53.

    If we win Cap gate then the focus will be to next year as all the top tier Free Agents are gone. My last too cents is London gets signed its just a matter of time. We are only bidding against ourselves for a 37 year MLB so stay cool Skins nation it will get done.


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