Shanahan: Hightower A Target To Return

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One of the indications of a stable franchise is the practice of re-signing it’s own players in free agency.  It proves that players will choose the familiarity of their team over other potential suitors.  It proves that the team is producing and developing talent worth bringing back.

And it also justifies the price that it cost to bring certain players in.

On the eve of last year’s training camp, the Redskins executed a trade to bring in Cardinals’ running back and Episcopal product, Tim Hightower.  After an exciting preseason, Hightower was just hitting his regular season stride when a bad cut against the Carolina Panthers left him on injured reserve.

As a pending free agent, Hightower was a regular at the facilities, rehabbing a torn ACL and showing coaches that he’s committed to a strong return.  At age 26, he presumably still has quality years left, and head coach Mike Shanahan told gathered media in Palm Beach, Fla. that a reunion was a strong possibility (via Rich Campbell of the Washington Times):

“We’re trying to re-sign Hightower…You’re just hoping that he comes back full speed from his knee with the ACL. But, yeah, he’s a potential starter on our football team.”

“It looks like he’ll be back full speed ready to go.

If signed, Hightower would be the third free agent that the team re-signed, joining interior lineman Will Montgomery, defensive end Adam Carriker and quarterback Rex Grossman.  All four represent productive veteran options at positions with young talent on the team (or reported to be arriving shortly).

Regardless of whether or not he returns to Washington, he will be offering a football camp at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, the weekend of June 29 to July 1.  The camp is:

A unique, hands-on fundamentals football camp for sixth through eighth grade boys. The camp will feature a 5:1 athlete-to-coach ratio and practice film review sessions with current and former NFL players!

This not-to-be-missed camp offers both commuter and overnight camper options. It will provide young men with two days of football skills coaching, conditioning, nutrition seminars, proper weight room strength techniques, and mentoring by some of the superstars of the game.

Coaches for the camp include current Redskins Jarvis Jenkins, Santana Moss, and Darrel Young.  If this sounds like something you or another middle school boy would enjoy, sign up here today.

0 thoughts on “Shanahan: Hightower A Target To Return

  1. i actually read on twitter somene crying that helu should and is our starter and hightower is injury prone….lol just goes to show you most have no idea what they are talking about..they seen hightower get hurt last year and assumed hes injury prone…that was the first time in his career, pro or college that he was hurt…..some people just write stuff to see their name on the net….

    i have a word for you…RESEARCH…..then you wouldnt post things like hightower is injury prone…


  2. HIGHTOWER will not be signed by the REDSKINS before the draft. I can almost bet you, SHANAHAN will draft a running back in the fourth round. If there weren’t such dire needs at R-OT and FS, he’d do it after picking a WR in the third.


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