Luck Talks Spider Two-Y Bananas, Tonight

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It took seven months and 1,200 posts, but I’ve finally worked the word ‘banana’ into a post.

Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck makes his televised job interview debut tonight, with the return of Jon Gruden’s QB Camp at 7 p.m. on ESPN.  As a player who might just be available at No. 2 in this April’s draft, it would behoove Redskins fans to DVR the program and see how Luck acts in the meeting room.

The of the interview revolves around Luck’s ability to diagnose Gruden’s play, delightfully called “Green Right Slot Spider Two-Y Banana.”  Here is a brief clip from tonight’s conversation:

I cordially invite you to watch the extended version of the clip on the ESPN NFL Nation site.  The best part of the exchange is the encoded, one-line banter between the two.  Here are my favorites, taken completely out of context:

“You can’t go broke taking a profit.” –Luck

“When I watch Stanford, nobody throws more bananas than the Stanford Cardinal.” –Gruden

“You’re dying of thirst because of this play.  Gimme another banana.” –Gruden

“I forced the ball to Venus on the back side.”  –Luck

“Don’t be so deep.” –Gruden

I can’t wait to watch the full interview exchange between the two, tonight.  I’m craving bananas.

0 thoughts on “Luck Talks Spider Two-Y Bananas, Tonight

  1. i watched it, but to me more fitting tune in Monday April 2 at 7pm eastern for RG3’s gruden camp…THAT would be more fitting for redskin fans.


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