Wedding Cake Of Ryan Kerrigan’s Helmet

A new standard has been set for girlfriends, fiancées and wives in the greater Washington area: will she allow you to have a Redskins-themed wedding cake?

For one lucky man, the answer is yes, even though his Wisconsin-native bride-to-be is a staunch supporter of cheese and Packers.  The couple’s big day is on Saturday, but the fine folks at Jennifer’s Pastries made sure that he had a Redskins-themed cake for his bachelor’s party the night before:

via @greatfallspies

The attention to detail is outstanding, right down to the emblem and the No. 91.  But the best part might be the story behind Kerrigan’s initial meeting with the cake artist.

“Last November, I needed a new iPhone, so I went to the Verizon store in Reston for several hours, and I had never seen so many sales reps in the store at one time,” Jennifer told me this morning on the phone.  “So I asked the guy I was employee I was talking to, ‘What’s going on in here tonight?'”

And just about that time, all 6-4, 267 pounds of Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan came through the door with a typical grin on his face.  Jennifer learned that he was at the Reston location to play a remote game of Madden with Ravens fullback Vontae Leach:

After losing a hotly-contested game, Kerrigan hung around to meet with fans and sign autographs.  Jennifer and her son hung around for pictures, and made sure that they were the first two people in line to meet Ryan.

What impressed her about him then is that he was the same excited young man off the field, that he was on it.

“I mean, everyone remembers that play against the Giants where he scores the touchdown, and he’s just got so much genuine surprise and enjoyment in the end zone,” she said.  “He may remember me as that lady that gushed to him in line.”

Fast-forward to her meeting with the groom-to-be, Jennifer asked him if he had a favorite player.  According to her story, he listed several, and when he got to Kerrigan, she shared her story with him.

“I go for the up-and-comer, and the underdog, y’know?” she said.  “He really liked Kerrigan too, so we decided to put his number on the cake.”

The rest, as they say, is delicious.

Jennifer also shared the exciting news that Jennifer’s Pastries will be relocating to a new location on the outskirts of Redskins Park in the middle of April.  For those of you in the Loudoun County area, their new location will be at 44632 Guilford Dr. #107, Ashburn, Va. 20147, or an approximate stone’s throw from Redskins Park.

For any pizza, sandwiches, desserts, pastries and Redskins-helmet-themed cakes, check ’em out, or give them a follow on Twitter.

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  1. Nice story but was the author drunk or something when he wrote this?

    “he was the sign excited young man ”
    “as that lady that gushed to him in line”
    “she siad”


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