RG3 Signs Autographs For Redskins Fans

via CSNWashington.com

He may not know his career destination until April 26th, but Heisman-winning quarterback Robert Griffin III was in Redskins Country on Saturday, signing autographs and take pictures with sports fans.

The event was the Collectors’ Showcase of America’s annual sports memorabilia show at the Dulles Expo Center.  Grffin didn’t speak with the media, but area fans shared their own excitement with CSNWashington, gushing about dreams of RG3 in B&G.

Watch the full video right here:

[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”923587/csn_2012-03-31-215627.1535.m4v”]

You can also see WTOP Radio’s video footage of the event, with commentary from former Steelers’ running back Jerome Bettis, as well as current Redskins running back Roy Helu:

“If they were to get RG3, I think he would be the type of quarterback that would define the franchise,” said Bettis of Griffin.

“The work he did in college gets you really excited about playing with him,” mused Helu.

All hypothetically, of course.

To no one’s surprise, Griffin was the media darling of the day, but only smiled for the cameras as he focused on the fans.  If he had thoughts to share, they will have to wait until another day (via WTOPradio):

Despite the silence, we did learn that Griffin is officially tall enough to find success in the NFL.  Yes, he may have measured in at 6-2 3/8 at the NFL Combine, but he also passed the eye test standing next to Eagles quarterback Michael Vick today (via CSNWashington):

via CSNWashington

Twenty-six days left until Robert Griffin III becomes an NFL player.  What are your thoughts?

0 thoughts on “RG3 Signs Autographs For Redskins Fans

  1. None, if RG-3 come to DC, Please Coach sh and son let him grow. Meaning thing are not going to be in your playbook, He’s play to pressure and it happen
    That’s why he’s RG -3

    Thankyou Coach


  2. I can not wait. I just hope he is as awesome as I think he will be….we Redskins fans have waited a long time for an exciting QB.


  3. We drafted 3 offensive linemen last year. Trent Williams, Maurice Hurt, and Willie Smith. The all started to come around towards the last 4 games of they year. Remember, Helu had 4 straight 100 yard games and Royster had one or two his self. Trust me, let all these rookies we have grow.


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