Fastest Redskins Debate, Version 2.012

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During the darkest hours of last offseason’s lockout, Redskins receivers Anthony Armstrong and Brandon Banks livened up the debate with a playful Twitter war of who would be faster in a foot race.

While the race was never consummated (due to concerns of injuries), the merit of each competitor was debated back and forth, 140 characters at a time.  Banks is traditionally thought of as the team’s speedster, but special teams coordinator Danny Smith has clocked Armstrong at a sub-4.2 on kickoff coverage.

Whichever man is faster, we may never know–but other Redskins receivers threw their hats in the ring this afternoon, declaring their shot at the title of ‘The Fastest Redskin.’

Here’s a Twitter recap between Brandon Banks (@SpeedyBanks16), Niles Paul (@Niles_Paul) and Terrence Austin (@Terrence_Austin), with their respective merits:

It started with an admission of weight gain from Paul–a number that he then rationalized as a product of his workouts.  Paul filled the role as a reserve receiver, returner, gunner, coverage specialist, running back and tight end last year:

Austin guessed that Paul had ballooned from his listed weight of 224 up to 240, which was approximately six pounds over the correct number. Seeing his opportunity to take a stab at Austin, Paul fired away this boast:

And shots were officially fired in this Twitter-galactic battle.  It should be noted that all three players have spent time in the return game, so all are considered to have game-changing speed and elusiveness.  Going back to their respective Combine performances, Banks ran a 4.43, Austin ran a 4.58, and Paul ran a 4.51.

And here’s the subsequent stream posturing and smack talk among the three:

Now that pride was a factor for all three men, a gentleman’s agreement was in order. A Twitter-iffic handshake, if you will:

And the rest of the conversation devolved into “I bet you’re slower than’s,” and rationalizing the different contestant’s testimonials of speed.

Paul finally squashed all debate, cementing a date for his teammates to race when the team reassembles in the middle of April:

With the start of offseason activities only two weeks away, who would win a race for the title of ‘The Fastest Redskins?’  As a followup question, does it even matter?

0 thoughts on “Fastest Redskins Debate, Version 2.012

  1. There’s nothing NP can’t do if he beats you you will never live it down but if you beat him give him a rematch and it’s a wrap he just won’t loose sorry I’ve seen it b4! It is what it is It is who he is!


  2. We re-sign FLETCHER and we’re a winner.

    Here’s today’s current mock

    Round 1 [002] QB ROBERT GRIFFIN III Baylor
    Round 3 [069] OT BOBBY MASSIE Mississippi State
    Round 4 [102] LB JAMES-MICHAEL JOHNSON Nevada
    Round 4 [109] RB CHRIS POLK Washington
    Round 5 [141] FS AARON HENRY Wisconsin
    Round 6 [173] OG JOE LOONEY Wake Forest
    Round 7 [213] FB CODY JOHNSON Texas


    AARON CORP QB Richmond
    LANCE DUNBAR RB North Texas State
    MIKE RYAN OT Connecticut


  3. It doesn’t really matter to me who’s the fastest but I will say this, I love to see the camaraderie between all these guys, its little stuff like this that can pull a team together, forging a trust and friendship between eachother where when times are tough on the field they can relie on and pull from eachothers strengths and make things happen.

    You wouldn’t have seen this pre shanahan era imo


  4. Hmm trick question. Who is the fastest Redskins player… last year, right now or when the season starts. If it is when the the season starts, my guess would be that one or two could be eliminated from the poll. Therefore, I would have to cast my vote for Paul.


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