Gano Has Perfect First Workout In Bubble

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Players may not officially re-assemble at Redskins Park for another two weeks, but the intrigue of the new Redskins practice bubble has led to a steady stream of players through the facilities to check it out.

One player who has been a regular for rehab purposes is kicker Graham Gano, who cracked three vertebrae in a first-half scrum against the Eagles in Week 17.  As you may remember, he was visibly hobbled during the game, but continued to play through the pain.  It was not until after the game that the prognosis was delivered, and he has been carefully working his way back since the season ended.

This story comes with a happy development today, however, as Gano got to try out the brand new bubble for the first time, complete with the sweet hanging goal posts.  Gano gave his own analysis of the workout, complete with a Twitter photo (@GrahamGano):

via @GrahamGano

The results of his first workout were even more impressive, as rust does not seem to have crept in:

If my math is correct, that’s 20-for-20 in the new Redskins bubble.

Gano will only get stronger and more accurate as the offseason continues, so it’s good to see him starting in a comfortable place.  And for those of you that worry about Gano’s accuracy, consider these stats:

–Before 2011, Gano had attempted only three career kicks from beyond 50 yards, hitting zero of them.  In 2011, Gano attempted six kicks, landing four, including a franchise-record 59-yarder.

–While somewhat pedestrian, his 75.6 percent field goal conversion percentage in 2011 was seven percentage points higher than 2010.  And if you factor out the blocked field goals–which Gano cannot control–his percentage rises to a very respectable 86.1 percent.

With a new holder and makeshift line in 2011, Gano was in a constant state of adjustment, and still managed to improve across the board.  And even though the Redskins don’t play in a dome, the practice bubble should be a big asset to his preparation in 2012.

0 thoughts on “Gano Has Perfect First Workout In Bubble

  1. If you can stay perfect during the season we as fans will sing your praises. But if you continue miss chippies with the game on the line then I am bringing a kicker from boys and girls club football league.


      • i get that but he missed some “very” makable kicks and the only person to blame was Gano.

        Hey if he becomes the consistent kick machine like many ex-redskin kickers that leave and become stars somewhere else then I am the first to go buy his jersey and use as a secret Santa gift lol……


  2. We’re saddled with GANO because of that dammed salary-cap restriction. Say did SAV ROCCA get a new deal? He certainly earned one. Best punting I’ve see from a REDSKIN since maybe MIKE BRAGG…….well, maybe not quite that long, but very good.


  3. I remember Gano costing the team at least 3 games last season. 1 game is to many. between grossman and gano we gave the playoffs away. Our defense’s numbers went as good as they could have been because our offense wanted to give the ball away all the time. Im hoping shanny hooks gano up in training camp with another kicker to go up against. I have never had confidence in this guy EVER, when he lines up on anything but a kickoff i have to turn away. Where is gibbs at kicking someone in the ass, special teams is WAY to important to leave it to the chance gano “might” imporve.


  4. I think it is time to get off Graham’s back. I watched every kick last season. Take away the blocks which numerous sources said wasn’t his fault and I believe he only missed one kick under 50 yards. The possible game winners missed were all long range and the other team managed to get their kicker closer. Some fans mention preasure – year before he had game winners against Green Bay, Tennessee. and Jacksonville which tied him for the NFL record. Also it took guts for him to play the 2nd half with three busted bones in his back. He certainly plays with more heart then some of our “100 million” dollar players did!


  5. Gano is a pretty good kicker. Much better on kickoffs then the past 3 or four kickers we’ve had and pretty accurate when the line is letting guys through to block the kick. Chip Lohmiller only managed 73% & 72% his 1st 2 years with the Skins and he was our best kicker since Mark Mosley. Mosley only ever made 12 FGs from 50+ so just C H I L L…
    Beside Gano is at his best in BIG Games. How many times does a Kicker win a bowl MVP??? To be honest he won the MVP for his OUTSTANDING PUNTING (3 out of bounds inside the 5 yard line) which is also nice to have a kicker that is a good backup punter, to boot! 😉

    He is 2nd all-time for career 50+ FGs at the FSU (behind Janikowski) after only kicking FGs full-time for only his Senior year.
    All you haters out there get your heads out of your ass and appreciate a star in the making that we don’t have to go out an pay FA $$$$. Most Kickers take a couple of years to become GREAT NFL kickers. Hopefully, we’ll sign him to a longer contract & get better line blocking and I hope to see him become a Pro Bowl caliber kicker.


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