Brian Orakpo Rocks New ‘Elite 51’ Jersey

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The unveiling of the new Nike NFL jerseys will be one of those generational moments that you will always remember where you were when you heard the news.

I joke, because truthfully not much changed, but I’m not sure what folks expected.  The concept jerseys, which have been floating around the Interwebs since last year, were far too drastic for NFL standards.  While NCAA teams like Maryland and Oregon may embrace fundamental changes to color and pattern schemes, it’s just not in the NFL’s best interests to rebuild a brand that already works very, very well.

So whether you were holding your breath for or against change, you can exhale.  These changes are only tweaks to an already top-notch product.

With that being said, here’s what linebacker and runway model Brian Orakpo thought of the big hype/small changes:

So if Brian Orakpo thinks the new design is “sweet,” then who am I to disagree? Orakpo is currently chatting with the Washington media types that are on-hand, and there will be more from him later.

Since the hype surrounding this event was borderline controversial with fans, what are your thoughts on the new model?

0 thoughts on “Brian Orakpo Rocks New ‘Elite 51’ Jersey

  1. I think the Redskins Jerseys are just fine, color scheme and design wise. No reason to mess with a classic.

    Just wish they’d had Orakpo show off the gold pants.


  2. I just hope they will have yellow pants also. I didn’t expect any drastic change. Its the same old look, new technology and new design. Fine with me.


  3. i think with the franchise trying to turn things around and bring about change, a new look is in order. this is NOT a reflection of the change… Im not saying they need to be crazy like UMD, but something different and more unique is in order…


  4. Just wished they would have gone with the uniform under the George Allen era. I can’t stand the Joe Gibbs era white or burgandy pants. The gold pants are classic.


  5. I didn’t really want the jersey’s to change that much but for all the hype…for all the secrecy…for all the build up, the tension, the excitement for the unveiling of NEW uniforms…it was such an anticlimactic moment. I literally sat for an hour waiting for nike to unveil the jerseys and I felt myself strongly reminded of Lebron’s announcement that he was leaving Cleveland…c’mon man…that’s lame


  6. I dont like the new look it same old thing all this hype for nothing.I say go back to reebok if your going stay to the same boring uniforms and still know change.I hope we get back reebok.I dont like the jackets they look like something a gang member would wear.I say thow them in the trash not waisting my money.I think nike was really over rated


  7. I am glad they didn’t change anything. Don’t mess with perfection. The SKINS don’t ever have to modernize anything. We have 4 helmet designs, we don’t need anymore. I don’t mind when they go retro, but the Championship Uniforms are just as sweet as when they first donned the Indianhead in wardrum logo in 1972.


  8. The Burgundy and GOLD.Bring back the gold pants.CLASSIC!! Always been a fan of the Spear helmet but I know that ain’t happening


  9. Guys, This season the Skins will be celebrating their 80th anniversary. Every five years since 2002 we’ve been treated to the Redskins paying tribute to decades past by wearing throwbacks during anniversary seasons. 70th we saw the spear and the deep burgundy, 75th we saw the gold helmets from the Lombardi years. Hopefullly we will see a Nike inspired 80th throwback to the years when the feather was sported going up the back of the helmet. As the season draws closer, don’t be surprised to see more Nike uniforms for our beloved Burgundy and Gold.


  10. This uniform isn’t new.Although anything the Redskins dawn is fine with me,I just can’t consider these uniforms new.And for the record,its not gold or yellow pants,it’s”Mustard”


  11. This is disappointing beyond belief, the only real change is in the technical specifications of the new generation of Nike uniforms, if anything we have regressed, I thought we made progress getting back to traditional gold pants, maybe that will be our alternative gear which we’ll get to see once every year if lucky. They had a special opportunity to bring back a great tradition of gear over an 80 year period to usher in the era of winning football with RGIII and this is what they come up with, no vision, no passion, no respect for tradition, this is just the preference of Mr. Snyder and Mr.Allen because these are the uniforms they grew up with. Its their team to do whatever they want with however as an old timer who grew up with classic design (single feather and slashing spear helmets) and color (deep burgundy and mustard gold) this is a let down, and I’m sorry new generations of Redskin fans will never have the opportunity to experience these classic schemes. Some associate our current uni’s with winning tradition but that hasn’t been the case for some time and to those associate the old uni’s with losing I say let’s bring them back to a winning tradition which we all know is on the horizon.


  12. Is it me or does the burgundy look a tad bit light? Next to the bucs and the falcons I’m not seeing much difference in color 😦 I wish they would have used the “leaked” nike redskins uniform helmet with giant indian headress feathers and DARK burgundy jersey/ burgundy pants with gold stripe.


  13. Please scrap the yellow pants. It looks like a bad ’70s pajama party! We need to return to the while jersey and burgundy pants for home games — especially when the cowboys come to town!


  14. I was expecting the Classic Burgundy Jersey and Gold Pants look and especially an optional Spear and Feather Helmet Logo, which has always been my favorite. This is a boring and mundane look for the Redskins. The white pants have got to go. This uniform looks like kiddies pajamas from a department store. Last year’s uniforms really brought back the tradition and memories I recall from my youth.


  15. so would u like to have RG3 or andrew luck. personally we deserve RG3. I think he likes us 2. But it kinda sucks that we lost roy helu but we need QB. coments please………


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