Full Episode of RG3’s ‘Gruden QB Camp’

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One of the more interesting components of ESPN’s recent pre-Draft coverage is their QB Camp with former head coach Jon Gruden.  While it’s usually a soft-serve interview compared to private NFL meetings, there’s usually some criticism in there to see how the player will react when put on the spot.

Last Friday, the segment debuted on ESPN with Stanford’s Andrew Luck, the presumed top quarterback in the Draft.  He was given a lot of game tape and told to diagnose a play that he runs more than any other: the Spider Two-Y Banana.  Gruden’s bone to pick with him came on a play in which he didn’t run through the proper progression, and threw a pick-six.

The conversation on last night’s episode with Griffin was of an entirely different flavor, focusing on the charismatic personality of the Heisman winner.  I really like how Griffin has appeared at both his Pro Day and at the QB Camp in shirts that say “Determined” on the front, because it indicates how seriously he takes his craft.  But he’s also unafraid to have fun, and explains his awesome collection of themed-socks to Gruden:

“It’s something I started in high school, my sophomore year.  I wasn’t one that matched very well, and I just wanted to show people that I was comfortable with who I was.  I’m comfortable in my own skin.

“I’m gonna show you the socks–not in an arrogant way–but I don’t care what you think.  I’m comfortable with who I am, and you can make fun of me, but  as long as you respect me for the player that I am and the person that I am, then you can laugh at my socks.”

Truer words were never said.  And after a recent Tweet by Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay, could RG3 be more likely to fall to No. 2?


Only time will tell.

Check out the full video of RG3 conversation with Gruden, below:

0 thoughts on “Full Episode of RG3’s ‘Gruden QB Camp’

  1. Ty sir, for some reason another program had picked up the volume control. RG3 is a stud, I think the touch he puts on some passes is completely under rated. He is going to be tremendous for the skins. Smart kid, determined and a leader, couldnt ask for more in a QB.


  2. Griff – Your going to look great in Burgandy and Gold socks.. I want to see RGIII dish out a spankin to the Eagles like the one we took from Vick last season. Washington has all ready fallen in love with Griff. Indy wins the suck for Luck contest – and we still get the best QB in the draft!


  3. lol his bracelet thinggy says “boobies rule” agreed robert. agreed. (ps- coincidence his gf/fiance has huge knockers too? griff, ur my boy!!)


  4. either way, we cannot lose with luck or rgIII. it’s all up to the coaches to mold and extrapulate their talents. and if for some reason they don’t do well, I hope they’ll let them build and not quick to bench/cut them. let year, for once, was a solid true re-building year, and not a “ploy” for quick ticket/mechandice sales, offseason bragging rights.


  5. plus rgIII declining colts private session, bodes well towards going to the skins. i would too, with all the talents leaving colts and new staff–it’ll be a much steeper hill to climb there. dont know if there was a secret handshake among the redskins and rgiii, but that’s a smart move on his part.


  6. At the end of day him not working out for the Colts means absolutely nothing. If anything it works in a different direction giving RG3 fans in the Colts brain trust a void to make a final choice because they didnt get to have one more face to face before the draft with him.

    Luck goes to the Colts because they have to get this right and the safe money is on him but RG3 provides the type of “possible” higher ceiling that is keeping the Colts up at night.

    Either way we cross are legs and get a great QB prospect at #2!


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