Mock Drafts: The Downside Of Trading Up

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When the Redskins made the move from No. 6 to No. 2 in April’s draft, it was instantly one of the biggest trades in franchise history.  As general manager Bruce Allen explained to the media in subsequent weeks, the Redskins put themselves in position to take an elite quarterback, addressing their area of greatest need.

As reports indicated, the move opened doors to adding playmakers in free agency.  It was also suggested that the timing of the trade was arranged by the Rams, and the price was the team’s last best offer.  Speculation suggests that other teams were in the market for the pick and may have paid more, closer to the draft.

But one tiny drawback to making the move early, is the loss of the mock draft madness that accompanies the road to the Draft.  Sure, there’s still some mystery as to who the Redskins will land, but it’s been all but narrowed down to one of two players.

Both ESPN draft experts Mel Kiper and Todd McShay weighed in with their latest mock drafts, the first since the Redskins made the trade.  Let’s just say, the picks aren’t that surprising, but the analysis is intriguing:

Kiper has the Redskins taking Baylor QB Robert Griffin III at No. 2:

Last time I did a mock, the Redskins moved into this slot a day later. It wasn’t an unexpected move, it was just a matter of which team was going to do it. Obviously, the Redskins see RG3 as a long-term answer, and I agree with the assessment that he can be an NFL starter in Week 1. Again, no surprises here.

If the Redskins select Griffin, it’s comforting to know that he’s competing for the starting position from Day 1.  While the Redskins would and should be excited to land their first franchise quarterback since Joe Theismann, it’s a bonus to have someone that’s ready in September.

McShay also has the Redskins taking Griffin at No. 2:

Griffin also had a strong pro day, and his athleticism and intangibles make him a perfect fit for the offense of coach Mike Shanahan. The Redskins have been searching for answers at quarterback for years, and they have found them in Griffin.

To credit a player with a strong pro day is almost redundant, but the point remains that Griffin’s stock couldn’t get any higher.  While many will argue that Griffin’s skill set matches Shanahan’s offensive scheme, others have astutely pointed out that there has never been a quarterback with Griffin’s ability, and that he would fit in any system.

Shanahan just might be the coach to get the most out of him.  Either way, Redskins fans should be excited about where they sit, even if it does make mock drafts somewhat less enthralling.

This is a very small downside to bear.

0 thoughts on “Mock Drafts: The Downside Of Trading Up

  1. Ummmm, an oxymoron is when the adjective is the opposite of the word it is describing. Some examples are artificial grass, or a fine mess, or arrogant humility. A “strong pro day” isn’t an oxymoron, because the adjective means the same as the word it is describing. Sorry for the grammar lesson, it just bugged me.


  2. Current mock 4/5/12

    Round 1 [002] QB ROBERT GRIFFIN III Baylor
    Round 3 [069] OT MITCHELL SCHWARTZ California
    Round 4 [102] LB JAMES-MICHAEL JOHNSON Nevada
    Round 4 [109] FS AARON HENRY Wisconsin
    Round 5 [141] CB CHRIS GREENWOOD Albion
    Round 6 [173] OG RISHAW JOHNSON California [Pa.]
    Round 7 [213] KR JUSTIN BETHEL Presbyterian


    AARON CORP QB Richmond
    LANCE DUNBAR RB North Texas State
    JONATHAN GRIMES RB Wiliam & Mary
    JEFF ADAMS OT Columbia
    NAJEE GOOD ILB West Virginia
    DERRIUS BROOKS CB Western Kentucky
    WINSTON GUY Jr. SS Kentucky


  3. 007-

    Just curious, did you have another prospect at #069? With Griffin, the RT can cheat wide because there’s no way the DE is going to drop contain on the outside. Meaning, if Jamaal Brown can stay healthy, I think the team is good there. The team has sought OTs via FA, but apparently not all that aggressively. Schwartz can’t be the best player, even to fill a need, at that high a slot.


  4. We do have a passer that is just right right for shanahan offense .now if we get the runing game going ,I know we will be good.
    For some reason I think are defense will take a step back. But who knows with a litle luck we make the playoffs


  5. markc99:

    Yes, if BROWN is recovered, which i don’t buy even a little, I would mock the best CB [HAYWOOD?] or ILB in the third. A second alternative would be to trade down to the fourth and pick up another five. Three four’s, two five’s, and a six, seven should give us most of our needs. We must have a replacement for ERIK COOK. He was simply not effective last season. Even if we don’t take a tackle in the third, we must draft o-linemen this year. I like OT JEFF ADAMS from Columbia in the sixth if we don’t move on a tackle in the third otherwise I mock RISHAW JOHNSON OG there as a replacement for COOK.


  6. Current mock 4/8/12

    In the event all top and middle tier o-tackles are off the board by 069

    1 – 002 QB ROBERT GRIFFIN III Baylor
    3 – 069 Trade back, add a fifth pick
    4 – 102 C PHILLIP BLAKE Baylor
    4 – 109 FS AARON HENRY Wisconsin
    5 – 141 SS WINSTON GUY Jr. Kentucky
    5 – ??? CB CHRIS WOODWARD Albion
    6 – 173 OT JEFF ADAMS Columbia
    7 – 213 CB MICAH PELLERIN Hampton


    QB AARON CORP Richmond
    RB JONATHAN GRIMES William & Mary
    RB LANCE DUNBAR North Texas State
    C JASON SLOWEY Western Oregon
    KR/FS JUSTEN BETHAL Presbyterian
    CB DERRIUS BROOKS Western Kentucky


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