Redskins Hoops Action: Just The Dunks

Last Friday was the celebrity charity basketball game that pitted the Redskins against their geographical Baltimore Ravens rivals.  What amazed most about the game is how much raw athleticism the players had to perform ably in two sports.

I wouldn’t bet on them in a high-stakes ping pong tournament, but there was a comfort level on the court that led to good-natured showboating and high-flying slam dunks.

The pictures from the event were posted on Golden Era Entertainment’s Facebook page mid-week, but with jersey-mania, it was worth waiting until Friday.

Enjoy the high-flying Redskins action as we recap all of the Redskins dunks:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of course dunking isn’t all that matters in basketball, but it certainly makes for an exciting show.  It should be noted that Niles Paul, Brandon Banks, Josh Wilson and Markus White were budding basketball stars in high school before switching to football full time.  Receiver Joshua Morgan–pictured in a “Redskins jersey” for the first time on Friday–learned the game of football in high school, transitioning from basketball.

One man gang, Lorenzo Alexander, looks like he could play center i the NBA, now.

And while he didn’t necessarily take it to the rim, Redskins legend Darrell Green can still play some mean defense:

via Golden Era Ent.

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