Cheerleaders Announce 42-Lady Roster

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Happy Monday morning, Redskins Nation, and welcome to another exciting week of the offseason.  For those of you counting down, it’s a mere 17 days, 8 hours, 37 minutes and six second until the Redskins are on the clock with the No. 2 over all pick…four…three…two…one…

A lot is expected on the top prospects in the coming week or two, and make sure that you stay tuned in to the Redskins Blog and for exclusive content.  Just saying.

A happy belated Easter, Passover and Equinox to all, and a very happy final audition for prospective Redskins Cheerleaders.  The event was held on Saturday afternoon at the State Theater in Falls Church, Va., and featured 63 of the area’s finest young ladies, all hoping to join in the Burgundy and Gold tradition.

This is, of course, the 50th anniversary of the Redskins Cheerleaders, who began in 1962 as the Redskinettes.  They have blossomed from sideline attractions into a driving force in their own right, staying active in the community and spearheading charitable efforts in the DMV.  Saturday’s packed house was a celebration of their efforts, and a testament to their universal appeal.

The 63 hopefuls were pared down to 42 finalists, and here’s a first look at the 2012 First Ladies of Football, with available links for returning vets:

via A. Mitchell

Adriana, second year

Adrienne, rookie
Allison, rookie
Barbie, rookie
Christa, rookie
Elizabeth, rookie
Lee, rookie
Madison, rookie
Marina, rookie
Rachel, rookie 
Rebecca, rookie
Stephanie P., rookie
Truly, rookie
Laura D.- Rookie (Alt.)
Laura K.- Rookie (Alt.)
Update 12:25 p.m.: Check out a video recap of the day, and the ladies’ journey to the final squad:

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