New Redskins Tackle James Lee Has Tips

via ProTips4U

This afternoon, the Redskins brought in offensive tackle James Lee, a former undrafted free agent claimed off waivers by Bruce Allen to Tampa Bay in 2008.  He will provide depth at a Redskins’ area of need this offseason, and compete for playing time behind Trent Williams and Jammal Brown.

Lee has appeared in 19 games over the last four years, starting 10 for former Bucs head coach, Redskins secondary coach, Raheem Morris.  His big season was in 2010, when he started nine games en route to the playoffs, helping the Buccaneers average 125.1 rushing yards per game, which ranked third in the NFC (eighth in the NFL).

Lee, 26, played collegiately at South Carolina State where he appeared in 33 games with 31 starts. As a senior, he was named third-team All-American by the Associated Press and was an honorable mention choice for the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) All-America squad.

Perhaps his best asset, is that Lee can also provide a veteran influence, which could one day blossom into a career in coaching.  Why so confident? Lee is already an Internet sensation, demonstrating proper pulling technique in an infomercial for ProTips4U:

As far as the overall instruction or the video, I love the handshake at the beginning, I love when Anthony runs off screen, and I especially love the muttered correction when his test subject is supposed to pull out too wide, and fails to fail.

I think the saying goes, “You can’t make a good tackle demonstrate bad tricks.”  Something like that.

Head coach Mike Shanahan said that his team needed depth, especially along the offensive line, and Lee’s signing does just that.  Once again, it appears that the addition of former Bucs head coach Raheem Morris is paying dividends for the Redskins in terms of scouting and recruiting.

0 thoughts on “New Redskins Tackle James Lee Has Tips

  1. This is good and all but I hope they look hard at tackle with the 3rd round pick. Heck if a gem falls to 2nd round I wouldn’t mind packaging a 3rd and the two 4s to get help at RT right now ready to wk 1. I want RG3 guarded like he is the prez…. And Jamal hasn’t shown he is good at protecting a QB “6”,


  2. boy im glad your not our GM. there are plenty of o-line in this years draft. its rather deep at o-line. you can find starters in early round 3. we need to many other things to give up three picks to get 1 o-lineman. i see o-line at 3, early four i see a safety or CB, late four i see an ILB, 5 i see another o-lineman, 6 and 7 best available need position left whatever that may be.

    i can easily see the 4th rounders swapping so ILB early 4 and safety/CB late 4.


    • hey if they can get soild tackle I the 3rd then great but if a guy falls that they were in love with then go get him to protect our new QB. Jamal is not the long term and from past season the short term answer as well.


  3. i forgot to add that i think the redskins are going to trade some players off the roster for dratf picks. Cooley may be a candidate to be traded. i know cooley is a fan favorite but hes been hurt the last two years, hes 30, and fred davis has surpassed him on the roster. cooley is just an example, im just trying to point out the redskins may trade some players for picks this year.


  4. I agree the redskins will probably dangle cooley and santana moss out as potential trade bait but probably with no takers as everyone seems to think the skins are bereft of talent and stocking up on 5th and sixth round pks is really not the way to go at this point. QB play has been our achilles over the past two decades. We do need secondary help ILB help and overall LB depth also OL depth. As far as O-line depth goes coach shanahan has a very good track record over getting o-lineman to overachieve in the zone blocking scheme especially at gaurd which is our main concern not tackle.


  5. why would anyone trade for chris cooley? and if fred davis goes down or gets suspended, who will play tight end? i know you used cooley as an example, but the guys that would bring anything in a trade are the guys worth keeping.


  6. The Skins have to be able to block for our quarterbacks which they have failed to do for Campbell and all other QB’s for 15 years plus. We need to replace Landry, and improve our linebacking Corp. 3/4 or 4/3 schemes on defense, you have to have a pass rush which we have not had especially up the gut. Why? players? or coaches? Both. We need to get a good back up QB to Griffin or Luck and if Russell Wilson is available in the 4th round, we need to take him to replace Gross Grossman. He will be a better backup to the above than Grossman will ever be. We have seen grossman’s ten year experience and it stinks. Wilson is a playmaker and will be another Drew Brees in 3 years if given a chance.


  7. All I hear is OL OL OL. This roster was a total mess when Allen and Shanny took over. In two year they have replaced every starter on the OL and are still working on it. Yes we doint have depth yet but we will. Here is a guy that fits zone and was in a power so good pick up at 26 year of age. I new going in it would take 4 years to fix the mess vinny left. I see us taking OL at 3 or 4 but trading all three for one OL is crazy. Depth is built round 3-7 lets see what happen. The last two draft have both been very good.


    • OL was a position of strength when the Skins got to SB. Hell the club is known within NFL history to have one of the best lines in the “Hogs” and it’s a crying shame that more guys from that line are not in the Hall like Big Joe Jacoby but that’s a conversation for another day.

      Upgrade that line across the board by any means necessary!


  8. stephen bryson, you are spot on. o-line is a work in progress, but the skins are picking up pieces of that puzzle every year. if the skins draft by need, i think 2 ol, 2 db, ilb, te, and rb; could draft 2 ilb and one less db or ol instead.


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