Sean Taylor Tribute As A ‘Draw Something’

Last Friday, I passed along a pretty awesome rendition of Sonny Jurgensen, as drawn by fan Sean Anderson in a game of ‘Draw Something.’  The picture was then featured in a gallery on, leading to a call for any and all Redskins renderings.

It isn’t too late to enter your own ideas, but you would be hard-pressed to top the best so far, from lifelong Redskins fan Stephen Ratpojanakul (@sratpo), age 28.

The origin of the picture came from an intra-family game of ‘Draw Something’ with Stephen’s twin brother, Michael.  The given word “Taylor” was personified as a rendition of Washington’s magnificent No. 21 spearing a Cowboys quarterback:

via @sratpo

Unlike the Jurgensen rendering, this picture appears to be an original creation, and not based on any particular play or photograph.  With that in mind, the quarterback Taylor is pulverizing would have to be Cowboys legend Drew Henson.  It could also be circa 2006, and he’s laying wood on kicker Martin Grammatica.

Either way, it looks awesome to me.

Do you have any Redskins-themed ‘Draw Something’ illustrations?  If so, leave them in the comment section, or tweet them to me @Brian_Tinsman.  Happy drawing, everyone!

0 thoughts on “Sean Taylor Tribute As A ‘Draw Something’

  1. The way I see it, the defence is stacked up and ready to go. With the draft of RG3 or even if it came to Andrew Luck, the offense is going to be tough to defend. With the aquisitions of receivers in free agents who are good veterans the passing game will only improve. The running game will show up for sure. Looking foward to the season. Can’t wait.


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