PFW Mock Draft Suggests Luck A Better Fit

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[Editor’s Disclaimer: The thoughts and sentiments expressed in this post belong to the author(s) and are not intended to reflect those of the team.]

With exactly two weeks until the first round of the draft, the flow of conventional wisdom is beginning to change course.  With experts willing to consider every “long shot” and “outside opportunity” in the lead up to the draft, every dark horse will become a favorite, and vice versa.

At least that’s the feeling by some draft experts concerning the No. 1 overall pick.

Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck has been lauded as the best quarterback prospect since 1983, but is a step slower and a Heisman trophy short of Robert Griffin III.  Does that make enough difference to change the Colts’ mind with the No. 1 overall selection?  Probably not, but Pro Football Weekly’s Nolan Nawrocki thinks it might.

Like most draft experts, Nawrocki is an opinionated guy, and has a history of inflammatory takes on quarterbacks (remember the fraudulent Cam Newton?).  However, in the name of “best fit,” he makes a compelling case for why Luck may fall to No. 2 and everyone would end up happy:

Although it doesn’t really apply to the Redskins, Nawrocki prefaces his commentary by saying that the decision were based on three areas of consideration:

1. The best schematic and divisionally competitive fit
2. The strongest area of need
3. The available talent pool in the draft.

With those factors in mind, Nawrocki has Griffin going to the Colts at No. 1 overall:

1. Indianapolis Colts: Robert Griffin III | QB | Baylor [ Jr. ]

Not only did Robert Griffin do more with less at Baylor, as the incoming quarterback of the Colts will have to do with one of the weakest supporting casts in football, but Griffin is a more intimidating playmaker than Andrew Luck with the big-play ability sought in Bruce Arians’ big-strike, vertical offense. Griffin entered the season low on the radar in the Heisman Trophy race and upset the anointed golden boy in college football. Luck remains the heavyweight favorite to be selected first overall, but Griffin is the better schematic fit.

Nawrocki touches on an interesting influence that hasn’t been widely discussed: Bruce Arians as the offensive coordinator for the Colts.  People assume that whoever takes over for Peyton Manning will be given the same playbook as Manning and will need a similar skill set.

Not true.

Arians comes to Indianapolis after five seasons in Pittsburgh, where he enjoyed the mobility and vertical attack of Ben Roethlisberger.  Luck showed in workouts that he has plenty of mobility and arm strength, but Griffin showed it more on game tape.  With a defensive-minded head coach like Chuck Pagano, Arians could have considerable say in who the team selects.

With Griffin off the board, the Redskins will be clear to select Luck, who in Nawrocki’s estimation, fits the Washington system well:

2. Washington Redskins (from St. Louis): Andrew Luck | QB | Stanford [ Jr. ]

The key to Mike Shanahan’s offense is knowing when and where to go with the ball. Having operated a very similar pro-style offense at Stanford to the one the Redskins employ, Luck could hit the ground running and give the Redskins the missing piece that has kept the offense on the runway during the Shanahan era.

Does that mean we’ll see more Spider Two-Y Bananas in Washington?  Spread the word to Fred Davis, Chris Cooley and Darrel Young.

Again, this is simply the part of the mock draft process when conventional wisdom is thrown out the window.  With two weeks to go, the Redskins likely won’t know the identity of their quarterback until the Colts take the microphone in Radio City Music Hall.

Either way, it looks like the Redskins should come out a winner.  We’ll find out in two weeks.

0 thoughts on “PFW Mock Draft Suggests Luck A Better Fit

  1. That’s why this was a cross your trade. We made the trade and just cross our legs and take the QB that falls to us. It’s a no brainer for us.

    Let’s get back to consistently being relevant in this league and the rest will take care of its self.


  2. I love this article. I have been saying this the entire time. From day one, after doing my homework, while everyone says RGIII is the best fit, I chose Luck and backed it up. I also made several key points about why the Colts might take RGIII instead. great article.. I love it – funny thing is, the experts nor the fans agreed with me in the begging on blogs.. I guess they do now.. What took you so long? I knew this from the get go. 😀


  3. I guess it is possible, but I really don’t see it!! Every so called expert has projected Luck as the most NFL ready QB prospect since 1983. He’s mobile, bigger, more durable, witch the Colts will need behind a patchwork offensive line. And according to every team site and blog, the entire Colts fan base wants Andrew Luck and expects him to their QB. So IMO, the Colts will take Luck, atleast I hope they do…. HTTR


  4. I would rather have RG3. Some of these other comments are contradicting themselves. If you think Griffin will go first, wouldn’t that make him a better prospect. RG3 can do anything Luck can do plus more. So why would any Skins fan rather have Luck. They are both great talents but RG3 is the type of player who can change the QB position forever. I heard people say that about Newton after his successful year. But lets not forget how much more accurate Griffin is then luck. Not to mention were talking about a guy who qualified for the Olympics. This isn’t your every day mobile QB. He has an intelligence twice that of Vick (AKA murderer). I am pretty confident the Colts will select Luck an i would say that makes Skins pretty lucky. More upside in the long run. HTTR #nopressurenodiamonds


  5. I watched the bowl games in which Andrew Luck and RG III played this past year. I was impressed with Luck’s ability to look off DBs before passing. This was required because Luck’s receivers did not get alot of separation. RG III’s receivers did separate and he did not have to look off any DBs. No doubt they are both good. Don’t you just love the mind games leading up to the draft?


  6. More with less? Maybe he doesnt follow College football closely but Baylor has fantastic talent at the skill positions. They might of had the best 1 -2 Punch in CFB at WR. Terrence Williams is the number 1 WR on some draftniks Big boards for 2013 along with Kendall Wright who is a slam dunk 1st round pick. Tevin Reese the 3WR iand is an explosive option as well. RB Terrence Ganaway is a mid round draft pick. All Luck has to throw to is TE’s 3 very good tight ends. Luck has Martin and Decastro but Baylor had a Guard go in the 1st round last year and a Center that will be drafted.The belief that Baylor is somehow talent deficient on offense is a load of crap


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